MEETING MINUTES - 2011 - 2012

State Board of Directors
September 29, 2012
November 18, 2011
July 8 , 2011
March 5, 2011

State Convention
March 24, 2012

BCHI State Board of Directors Meeting hosted by BCH of North Central Idaho
September 29, 2012
Three Rivers Resort at Lowell, Idaho

The September BCHI Board of Directors (BOD) meeting was called to order by State Chairman Mark Bogar at the Three Rivers Resort in Lowell, Idaho.

Sally Wilson from the North Central Idaho chapter told us about the area and the Resort.
Members introduced themselves and what chapter they represented.

With the resignation of Marilyn Rousher, it was announced that Lorelei Hamon from the High Desert chapter is going to fill the Broomtales Editor position. Contact her at

Roll call was taken, 12 chapters were present. A correction to the last BOD minutes was noted. The correction is to the section about Election of State Officers. Change - a nomination was made to (cast a unanimous ballot).

Motion to accept the March minutes as corrected was made by Wayne Nishek. Second by Robbin Schindele.

Motion passed.

Treasurer's Report - Kay Ryan reported the Sawtooth chapter has not committed to sell any 2013 calendars. Should we have two signatures on BCHI checks? Having trouble getting both signatures, at times. Kay will send out a Treasurer report each month. Terry Steiner made a motion that a single signature be required, seconded by Robbin Schindele. Motion passed. A motion to accept the Treasurer's Report as presented was made by Sara Johnson and seconded by Pat Bogar. Motion passed.
From: "Kay & Phil" <>
Subject: Check register & change to Treasurer's duties
Date: October 1, 2012 1:19:42 PM PDT
There is one problem, however, that will need to be cleared up. According to Article VII, Section 2, sentence 3 of the BCHI Bylaws: “The Treasurer’s signature must appear on all checks along with that of either the Chairman or Vice-Chairman.” I guess what we decided at the meeting will have to be a bylaws change. I have already written and mailed some checks without the second signature, paying for the
meeting expenses, etc., but will go back to getting the second signature until further notice. You will still receive the check register on a monthly basis.
Thanks for your input,
Kay Ryan, Treasurer
RMEF Elk Camp - Pat Bogar read the letter from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF). Val Johnson made a motion that BCHI pay $200.00 towards the BCH booth at the RMEF Show in Las Vegas. Pat Bogar seconded, motion passed.

State Insurance – Mark explained how the insurance works. There is a base $1600.00 each year. The insurance takes time and goes through 3 different stages for approval. Kay has paid less this year, but every time there was a change there was a fee. We have to be specific on the dates, times, what is the event, how many are going to attend, etc. The insurance pays for two public events, per chapter, per year. Not all chapters use the insurance.

Rod Parks made a motion that all public events turned in by December 1 of each year be covered by the state insurance, if there are any changes after that the chapter pays for the fees. Joe Brinkmann seconded, motion passed.

Alice Millington made a motion that the state pay for the 2012 changes. Joe Brinkmann seconded, motion passed. The insurance form is on the BCHI website. Mark will talk to the insurance company, then update the form.

State Education Chair – Marybeth Conger has put an Educational Manual on the BCHI website. Each chapter should have an Education Chair. Tabled.

Frank Church Proposal – Phil Ryan reported that the Idaho RMEF and Wilderness Society did not support. All 27 BCH State organizations did support. Congressional Representatives did agreed to send a letter to support it. Senator Crapo sent a letter of support. Congressman Simpson spoke with the Forest Service. This was submitted in August 2012. We are still waiting for a response from the Frank Church. Each chapter needs to send out a letter to their congressmen and the local level too. If we don't get a response by the first of the year, we need to take it a step further.

Lochsa Packer Position - The Lochsa Ranger Station was open this year only because of the volunteers. Many of the public have made donations because they heard it was going to be closed due to lack of funding. The packer position was not filled.

Facebook & BCHI – Should BCHI have a facebook site? BCHA currently has a facebook site and it is
monitored daily. It is good marketing. On the other side, putting things on face book that are not true is a
concern. BCHI needs to consider putting a facebook page up to help rebut any false things. It needs to be
monitored to make sure false statements are not on there. Also set up so you can make a comment. Rod Parks had a list of requirements. We need to take this back to the chapters and get their opinions and discuss it at the BOD meeting in the Spring.

BCHI website – Rod Parks suggested that on the home page we do some advertising for calendar sales, like a picture of the calendar winner and telling about the prizes that can be won. Make sure the the wording is correct because of liability. The Horse Sense video needs to be updated to watch a movie. Rod is going to see about getting Broomtales in a pdf form. Chapters need to put their events on the calendar on the BCHI website. If the on line calendar looks blank it looks like we are not doing things. Post an activity with a picture. You can also use it as advertisement for an event to bring people in. Issue page, need to put some of our issues on there. Like rebuilding a trail or a bridge and the Federal Register. It was suggested to put the Frank Church issue on there, but in a letter form. Rod is going to put the Director's Leadership Training booklet on the website.

Broomtales Report – Discussed suggestions for the new editor. Need to send out a reminder with the deadlines, and also to send articles to the Editor. The next Broomtales deadline should be sometime in February.

National Director's Report – There has been a lot of new interest in the Northeast for BCH chapters.
The National level wants to send out a monthly e-newsletter. They want to have everyones address and be able to send email. You can opt out if you don't want to participate. It is a faster way to communicate. In the past we have not agreed to release our membership email list. Salmon does not want there chapters email addresses sent. We need to go back to our chapters and discuss if they want their emails released and bring it back to the March meeting. If the State chooses to release our email addresses it has to be decided if a chapter can opt out. Mark will write a letter to the National, stating that Idaho's policy is to not sell its membership list.

BCHA approved the giving out of the BCHA membership list with a minimum $10,000 sponsorship.
This will be discussed further at the BCHI March meeting.

There is a proposal from the National to increase state dues. It first needs to be passed by ¾ of the states, then voted on at the National meeting. This would change membership to $15.00 for single and and 18.00 family. We are currently paying $10.00 single and $18.00 family. 2005 was the last time the dues increased from $10.00 single and $13.00 family. As of this point, we are voting it down. We will vote on this proposal in March.

The National was monitoring the v-casting meetings and not releasing all the minutes.
At the next National meeting BCHA is celebrating 40 years.

Public Lands Report (North) – Steve's report was sent to the State Chairman prior to the meeting.
(copy of Lands-North report is attached)

Public Lands Report (South) – The BLM is still working with John Robinson from the Idaho Conservation League, on the boundaries of the Owyhee Forest. Biggest thing is the water flows and rights. This has to go to the Attorney General.

The Sportsman's Caucus does not meet until October. We need to send thank you letters for supporting us in the Frank Church proposal to the associations and the Senators. (copy of Lands-South report is attached)

Way & Means Report - There are 120-170 2013 Calendars not committed to be sold yet. If we want to do 2014 calendars, the calendar pictures need to be in by the March Board meeting. Val Johnson made a motion to do 2014 calendars, seconded by Terry Steiner, motion passed. Chapters committed to the amount of calendars they would take. Extra calendars you can't sell, take the cards out and give
them to people you work with. Rod Parks made a motion that if there are any excess calendars that have not been sold, you may sell them at a lesser price but the cards have to be removed. Val Johnson seconded the motion, motion passed. Kay brought it to our attention that we should keep a calendar from each year for history and have people that have pictures in the calendar or who took the picture sign them.

Trail Classification Report – Rod Parks passed a sheet around to get an update of each chapters progress. Contact Rod if your chapter is have problems getting this done.

Horse Council Report - Report sent out prior to the meeting. (copy attached)

Sportsmen Caucus Report - They don't meet till October, Phil will send a thank you note for their support.

Report on March 2013 Meeting and Convention - Squaw Butte reported that the dates are March 15 and 16. Registration and information is on Squaw Butte's website Registration has gone from $50.00 to $55.00, the location is River Side Hotel. For the hospitality room members should bring old photos of when you were younger. They will be posted in the hospitality room for people to guess who the picture is.

Chapter Health – The High Desert chapter is thinking about dissolving. They have also tried to get two other chapters to join together to make one chapter (Sawtooth and Cache Peak). No one is willing to help, hold office, no participation, no young people, no election in 8 years. They tried having meetings and potluck dinners at members homes. Only one designated horse trail. They are having trouble with mountain bikes, motor bikes, ATVs. The local Forest is really no help. They tried putting signs up but they are taken down. They have tried to have guest speakers and that has not worked. Tried sharing positions. Tried focusing on the future and asked how they can get it done.

Nomination Committee for 2013 elections – State Chairman reported that at the March BOD meeting we need to elect a Chairman, Vice Chairman, National Director and Alternate National Director. Phil Ryan will take on the job of contacting the State Directors.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes recorded by: Aline Brinkmann, Acting BCHI Secretary
Submitted by: Raenette Didier, BCHI Secretary


BCHI State Convention Business Meeting
March 24, 2012 at Coeur d'Alene, ID

The BCHI 2012 Convention was called to order by Panhandle Chapter President, Marilyn Rousher.  The Pledge of Allegiance followed.  All members were welcomed.

Mark Bogar, State Chairman, called the business portion of the convention to order and introduced the State Officers.

BCHI Secretary, Raenette Didier, took a chapter role call & chapters identified the number of delegates present.
12 chapters were present totaling 57 voting delegates.  Cache Peak, High Desert & Sawtooth were absent.

Kay Ryan, State Treasurer, gave an overview of the state finances.  She explained the different funds that are tracked;  Legal Funds & Endowment Funds in addition to our money maker account & business checking account.  Kay also talked about the income from the calendars.

Chairman Mark Bogar explained that state funds started an upward turn about 7 years ago. (Secretary note to members: this was due to the profits from the BCHI Outdoor Show in Lewiston & the recent BCHI calendar sales)  The calendar has been a great state fund raiser.  Mark would like BCHI to have two years worth of funds saved.  Then, BCHI needs to start thinking about other uses for our monies.
Mark talked about selling calendars & how different people make sales.  Mark asked for a show of hands on amount of calendars sold by individuals or couples.  Rod & Karen Parks from the Twin Rivers chapter sold 70 calendars together.  Mark asked the members to keep up those sales.

Rod Parks, National Director, was asked to talk about BCHA.  There is no info out yet regarding a dues increase to the national level.  If a dues increase is presented at the national  meeting & approved, it comes back to the States for a vote at their 2013 Annual Meetings, which needs a 2/3 vote, then back to the National Board for a vote from the National Directors.

There are three candidates up for the new Executive Director, which will be a paid staff position.  The Executive Secretary & Dennis Dailey are the only other paid staff on the BCHA Board. Dennis is stepping down from his position at the April meeting.  Wyoming has  proposed a Resolution that will be discussed at the national meeting to use all funds possible at the national level to fund the new Executive Director position, except that funds for the Executive Secretary position is off limits. Discussion followed.  Until the National Board gets their financial house in order & are willing to use all funds, they should not come back to the States for money.  Question from the floor.  Does the National Board have a Ways & Means Committee?  No, it was combined into the Market & Media Committee.
Rod informed members that at the SBD meeting State Directors gave direction to the National Directors to vote 'No' on both the Dues Increase & the Wyoming Proposal.
At the 2013 Annual Meeting, BCHA will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary.
Trail Classification.  Rod Parks led the discussion & gave the following overview. 
1937 there were Primary, Secondary & Main line Trails.
1991 there were Main line Trails, Secondary & Way.
2001 A five class system was used.  (5) Best to (1) no design standard.
2005 BCHA filed a lawsuit against the USFS for using the five class system.

Results of that lawsuit.  FS recognized they had not done proper scoping & had to redo the process.
2009 BCH received the FS trails database for BCH members to check.  We are in that process now. 
2010 Steve Didier gave at training session at the November BCHI convention.
2012 BCHI is close to 70% statewide of completing the task of reviewing the database for Idaho.
Mark stated that the Trail Classification process is one of the most important tasks we have been given.

Education.  Mark talked about the small number of education events that were turned in for insurance coverage.  Mark asked if any chapters do not have a Master Trainer.  Panhandle & Heartland noted they did not.  Mark said we need to work with the State Education Chair to make sure all chapters do have a Master Trainer.  There is a possibility of using funds in the Foundation for this. The training costs $600/person & it is a  week long course.  Question from the Chair.  What are the activities that your  chapter does for education?

Val Johnson, Salmon River, brought up the page that was added to the Hunter Safety Manual about minimum impact.  BCHI needs to check on the status of that around the State. Bob Savage, Priest River, is a Hunter Education Instructor.  Bob said that Idaho  has cut down on instructor hours & the minimum impact  section for stock is in the very back of the book & many times he suspects does not get taught.

Steve Didier, North Central, talked about the education program for BCHI.   BCH started the first minimum impact education effort.  A complete Education Manual is available to all members of BCHI on our website,  On the BCHA website, there are education activities available from other state organizations with outlines.  Steve said it is incumbent on all of us to keep the education information out in front with our members.

Idaho Horse Council (IHC).  Raenette Didier  went over the handouts from the IHC that were in everyones convention packet.  The small IHC ad “What has the Idaho Horse Council done for me and the Idaho Horse Industry?” speaks to... Representation-check out the link on our BCHI website to the American Horse Council & the IHC.  Legislation-she talked about the Idaho Cruelty Legislation, now changed to Animal Care Legislation & its history with BCH.  She also covered the Equine Activities Immunity Act & did a drawing for one of the metal signs that was donated from the IHC office in Nampa.  Twin Rivers won the sign. Promotion-The Idaho Horse Expo is the IHC biggest promotion effort.  The 2012 show theme is Saluting Our Youth. Scholarships-3 scholarships were awarded to high school seniors from Sugar City, Horseshoe Bend & American Falls.  Census-a new census is done every 5 years, results are shown in the pamphlet Equine in Idaho.  Information-obtained by keeping direct contact with the various State offices that represent equine issues.

Chapter Proposals.
The Chairman informed the delegates that the Panhandle proposal had been retracted.  The Board has decided to see if the State business can be accomplished with only two State Board meetings this year, but the direction on the number of meetings is already in the by-laws & does not require a delegate vote.  The second State Board meeting, this year,  will be September 29th hosted by the North Central Chapter.

1) North Central proposal for Reducing Costs of Producing the State Annual Report.  Steve Didier did a review.  A delegate vote by chapter was taken, resulting in a unanimous Yes vote.

2) North Central proposal for Closure of the Lochsa Historical Station & Elimination of the Lochsa Packer &

Pack String.  Steve Didier did a review & informed the delegates that the Forest Service has agreed to let a group of volunteers run the station, so that part of the proposal is not an issue. Not filling the FS packer position is still an issue. We need the FS to rethink their position for not filling the packer position & the North Central Chapter needs BCHI to help.  If passed, the chapter also requests that the National Directors take this proposal to the BCHA meeting for their support.  A delegate vote by chapter was taken, resulting in a unanimous Yes vote.
North Central will get a letter to the Chairman to sign for BCHI & will also send the  letter of protest from North Central to each chapter & requests that each Chapter President send a letter of protest also.

3) Idaho Frank Church Proposal.  Val Johnson, with Dennis Dailey's assistance, wrote this proposal at the request of the State Board.  Val said no progress has been made on clearing the trails backlog in the last 32 years.  The Frank Church is unique because of the legislation that created it.  A delegate vote by chapter was taken, resulting in a unanimous Yes vote.
This proposal will be taken to the BCHA meeting by the National Directors. 

Foundation Report.  Jack Lamb, Foundation President, reported that last year there was a discussion on the 5% taken out on in kind contributions, ie; mileage, groceries.  It was agreed that the 5% would be waived by the Foundation.  It was also agreed  that 2 people would go to the Masters training from the Ambassadors fund.  The Panhandle Chapter requested  $500 from the Lighthouse donations.  In the future the Lighthouse grant will not be renewed due to the economy.  Jack stated that most of us have companies who are large business in our communities.  We need to approach them.
Foundation forms are on the BCHI website, there will be updates made to the forms.
The Ambassadors Fund has enough money left to make two $500 grants.  It was  asked if the Board   would consider putting some funds into the Ambassador account.
Discussion.  When chapters ask for grants, the foundation reps are suggesting that members  take a packet that clearly states what the monies will be used for & pictures showing the 'story'..
Jack reminded us that to make the Foundation work, each chapter must have a representative.  Currently, each chapter is not represented.

Memorable Moments.  Each chapter had a representative take the microphone & share a project story.

The BCHI Business Meeting ended at noon & the Chairman turned the Convention back to the Panhandle Chapter for their afternoon program.

Submitted By:  Raenette Didier, BCHI Secretary 

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BCHI State Board of Directors Meeting hosted by Panhandle BCH
March 23, 2012 Dalton Gardens, Idaho

The March 23, 2012 SBD meeting was called to order by Chairman Mark Bogar at the Dalton Gardens City Hall hosted by the Panhandle BCH Chapter.

State Secretary, Raenette Didier, took the roll call. 12 chapters were represented by 22 State Directors & 2 Alternate Directors as well as other members at large. Chapters not represented included Cache Peak, High Desert & Sawtooth.

Raenette read a summary of the minutes from the November 2011 SBD meeting. Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, made a motion to accept the minutes as presented, seconded by Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley. Motion Passed.

State Director Training: Raenette Didier presented a training package modeled after BCH of Washington. The Directors agreed it was a good package & asked that it be provided electronically on the website.

Treasurer's Report: State Treasurer, Kay Ryan, passed out budget sheets & led a discussion on the status of the current BCHI budget going over the income and expenses.
Kay stated that an invoice from the Idaho Horse Council had not been received for the 2012 annual dues.
Steve Didier, North Central, made a motion to accept the Treasurer's Report, seconded by Rod Parks, Twin Rivers. Motion Passed.

Kay then led a discussion on the proposed budget. Directors reviewed the line items & discussed costs that are no longer applicable as well as projections that need to be changed. Kay noted changes and will send out a revised proposed budget for 2012 electronically to all Directors. Terry Steiner, Priest River, made a motion to accept the proposed budget as discussed, seconded by Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte. Motion Passed.

State Insurance Report:  Chairman Mark Bogar said there have been several questions on taking non-members on chapter rides that aren't covered by the BCHI  liability insurance policy.  Clarification:  The BCHI liability insurance only covers public events.  If chapters have chapter projects/rides that they allow non-members on, they are accepting the liability for that action.
Only public events that have been pre-approved by the insurance company are covered under the BCHI policy.  After events are submitted & extra events are added, those additional costs will be paid by the chapter.
The Secretary will send out the explanation of how the State insurance works to all Directors & resend the form chapters submit for events they want covered.

Video Conferencing:  The Boise Directors thought it saved time & gas & saved money.  The Panhandle Directors did not like the video conference, mainly due to the poor audio.  The Squaw Butte Directors did not want to continue video conferencing, they  did not like the loss of discussion & the loss of interaction with other board members. The Salmon Directors said to give it a chance.  Let's have more video conferences before a decision is made to eliminate them.  The North Central Directors felt video conferences are great for single issues, but there is no allowance for chapters that have to travel long distances to the video site.  They also feel interaction is very critical & should not be lost.  The Chairman stated that there was more discussion on this issue than in the previous two video conferences. The Priest River Directors do not like the video conference. 
A motion to eliminate the option of video conferencing in lieu of a board meeting  was made by Curtis Elton, Boise & seconded by Bonnie Fox, Treasure Valley.  Motion did not pass.

Review Chapter Proposals:
Panhandle proposal.  Change the SBD meetings to only 2 meetings a year.  Discussion that the by-laws state the SBD shall meet at least two time per year but can meet more often if necessary.  The SBD already has the flexibility to decide on the number of Board meetings.  How many times the SBD meet is not a decision that chapter delegates make.  Board members asked that Panhandle retract their proposal.  Directors from the Panhandle elected to so.  The Panhandle proposal will not be brought up on the convention floor for a vote.

North Central proposal.  Discussion that eliminating costs for producing copies of the Annual Report for the National meeting was a positive step.  Putting the reports on the BCHA website also gives better access to them for BCH members in every state as well as agency personnel & other organizations.
Pat Bogar, Twin River,  made a motion that this proposal be taken to the delegates. Terry Steiner, Priest River, seconded.  Motion Passed.
Frank Church proposal.  Val Johnson gave background on proposal.  Discussion that this proposal must be followed up on to make sure a change takes place.  If BCHI is not interested in promoting this with the agencies, or wherever it leads, do not vote to accept it.  Steve Didier, North Central, made a motion for this proposal to be taken to the delegates to approve & have our National Directors take it on to the upcoming BCHA meeting.  Pat Bogar, Twin Rivers, seconded.  Motion Passed.

Lochsa Historical Ranger Station proposals.  Steve Didier, North Central, informed the Board that a change had occurred since this proposal was sent out. The FS has given a volunteer group permission to keep the Historical Station open under a volunteer agreement.  The other issue is the loss of the FS Packer & pack string.  There is no plan to fill this position.  Steve asked that BCHI oppose the loss of this stock program & the resulting loss of trail maintenance.

Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, made a motion that this revised proposal be taken to the chapter delegates for a vote. Curtis Elton, Boise, seconded.  Motion Passed.
If passed by the delegates, North Central will send out the letter that their Chapter President signs to all other BCHI Chapter Presidents as a sample.  A list with addresses & people who this  letter needs to go to, will be attached.  Discussion that in order for this to have the impact for change we need, each chapter needs to send a similar letter out.
Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, stated that we need congressional representatives to come to our State meetings. Steve Didier, North Central, agreed.  Phil said he thought he & Steve as Public Lands Co-Chairs could make the contacts to get legislative reps to our meetings.

The Board discussed correspondence under the BCHI letterhead that was handed out with the agenda.  Directors felt it was important to be kept up on what goes out under the Chairman's signature between meetings.

BCHI Education Chair:  There were no volunteers from the Board.  It was discussed that a job description needs to be written.  Steve Didier, a past BCHI Education Chair agreed to do that.

BCHI Website:  Rod Parks, Website Coordinator, wants to see more on the website about our calendars.  Maybe a picture of the front & back of the calendar.
He suggested we put the name of the closest town under each chapter location on the website map & add a hot link to that chapter.
Question.  Do we want to have a private section for correspondence, etc. that is password protected?
Chapters need to use the BCHI calendar for projects as well as meetings.  Chapters that have their own websites need to populate the BCHI calendar as well so when public signs on they see what the State organization is doing.   
Chapters need to use the Activities Page for chapter events on the BCHI website as well as their own website.
Question.  Do we want to trade links with other organizations?  BCHI did receive a request from Logan Coach.

Broomtales Report:  Marilyn Rousher, Editor, reminded the Board that she needs to have articles sent in on a timely manner.  If articles, etc. are not sent in, there will not be a Broomtales!
Debbie Samovar.  Spoke on the mailing of Broomtales.  She found a new producer, Griffin Publishing, Inc. for Broomtales at a lower cost than we have been paying & they will also take the newsletter to a bulk mailing plant, which means it will go out sooner.  They will also pre-screen addresses & send  back those that won't go through.  Debbie also put our mailing list in a new format. Our total is 735 addresses that receive Broomtales.

National Directors Report:  Rod Parks, National Director. BCHA  Annual Meeting is April 24-29 Eugene, OR.
Rod said the solicitation for BCHA donations has had good response.  BCHA is  looking for a paid Executive Director & candidates have been paired down to 3. These 3 candidates will be interviewed in Seattle.
Michigan has passed a state Right to Ride Bill on all state lands.  Michigan state said they are not going to honor it.  BCHA has sent a letter to the governor of Michigan.

A National Advisory Board on Land Management Planning is being formed.  Dan Clifford, BCH member from

California will sit on that board.
We do have a partnership between the Wilderness Society and BCHA.
BCHA has a representative that goes to the Hike the Hill event every year representing BCH.
The Trail Classification review has not been going well in California, but a compromise has been reached.
BCHA is looking at requesting a dues increase, if so, it will come before the states in 2013.
A resolution will be presented from Wyoming to use every means possible to hire an Executive Director, but to keep the Executive Secretary's salary protected.
Val Johnson, Past National Director, made a motion  that BCHI oppose the WY resolution & the dues increase if proposed.  Steve Didier, North Central,  seconded.  Discussion that until BCHA can agree to expend all their available monies to achieve the goal of hiring an Executive Director, there should be no additional monies coming from the states to the national.  Motion Passed.
History on state dues paid to national.
1991 $2/member, 1997 $5single/$8family, 2006 $10single/$13family.

Steve Didier, Public Lands (North):  Steve explained the issue with the Lochsa Land Exchange & the letters that have been written by the local chapter & our State Chairman opposing the loss of access to trails. 

Phil Ryan, Public Lands (South):  Phil said there are 8 chapters in the south.  The Boise Forest Plan is out which would require small bridges to be built & to fix trails around Idaho City if a user group over 75 has a ride or event.
The Sawtooth Forest received a grant from the Idaho Horse Board to improve trailhead facilities at Greenhorn & Fox Creek trailheads.  Heartland Chapter has been working with the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation. They have 12 projects for this summer.  Salmon River Chapter has 2 projects.

The Boise Forest Coalition is asking for BCH participation on the committee for the Clear Creek project on the Lowman District of the Boise NF.  This is the 3rd year for BCH to participate in the travel management plan for the Owyhee Wilderness.  

ISAC Report:  Phil Ryan reported that ISAC is made up of 20 different sportsman groups.  Although BCH is concerned with access, ISAC is a good affiliation for us.  Phil talked about the Land Owner Appreciation Permits & that it could close travel across private land.
Phil reminded Board members to make sure when you attend various group meetings, that you speak as an individual, or as a BCH chapter member, but that you do not say you are representing BCHI unless you have been directed to do so by the Chairman or the Board.
Val mentioned that we should get other organizations in line with BCH on the resolution for the Frank Church.  Phil agreed.

Ways & Means Report:  Karen Kimball, Ways & Means Chair, reported that 1254 calendar cards have been returned for the drawings.  A total of 1971 calendars were passed out to the chapters,  27 were held back.
The only chapter to have unsold calendars that Karen knows about is High Desert, they sold 114, & have 36 they can't sell.  Need to get those 36 to the Horse Expo.

2013 BCHI Calendar.  Directors reported how many 2013 calendars they will take for their chapter to sell.  The statement, 'check this box for more info' will be off the 2013 calendar cards.  Ideas were discussed on how to notify calendar buyers about who had won previously, to spur additional purchases.

Trail Classification:  Rod Parks asked for a report out on where each chapter is at in getting this task

completed with the Forest Service.
Boise – 50%
Cache Peak
Eagle Rock – 10%
Heartland – 10%
High Desert
North Central – 99%
North Idaho – done
Panhandle – 75%
Priest River – 100%
Salmon River – Salmon (done)/Challis (need help) 45%
Selkirk – PR done
Squaw Butte – 100%
Treasure Valley – 90%
Twin Rivers – 99%

Idaho Horse Council Report:  Raenette Didier gave a brief report because the IHC is on the agenda for tomorrow's convention.  She stated it is well worth the annual dues & the BCH representation on the IHC Board is critical so that BCH is at the table when equine issues are discussed.  Raenette said she enjoys representing BCH at the IHC but that for a BCH member from up North to attend all their meetings, it is expensive.  (ie; IHC Annual Meeting in Pocatello)  Raenette felt strongly that there must be one BCHI rep that reports back directly to the Board in a timely manner & not wait until the next SBD meeting.  She feels it is important that a written report be given to the Board so they are kept updated with more background about equine issues within the state.
It was proposed that $500 be added to the proposed budget for BCHI reps who incur expenses to attend IHC meetings.

Partnerships with other Trail User groups:  Rod Parks asked the Board; Do we want to make the effort to bring together members from other user groups?  Are we the group to bring all user groups together??   Phil Ryan said the support from other user groups to come together is starting to happen.
Steve Didier, said building relationships with other user groups at the chapter level is important, more so than the state level. The new Idaho Recreation Trails Association may fill that gap.
Phil Ryan said that BCHI is out there now working with other user groups.  Bonnie Fox, Treasure Valley, agreed.
Jim Michaud, Selkirk Valley, asked why not give Rod authority or backing to develop relationships with other groups?
Rod also mentioned that the FS usually proposes what trails they want done, but this year North Central turned the tables & proposed the trails they want to work on.  A different approach. Annual Report & Volunteer Hours Report:  Karen Kimball, Vice Chairman, reported that 11 chapters submitted an Annual Report & 12 chapters submitted a Volunteer Hours Report.  If all 15 chapters don't report their accomplishments our Idaho Volunteer Report will show a decreased amount.  Legislative reps do look at this report. If Chapters need help with the Volunteer Hours form, there are people on the Board who can assist .

Election of State Officers:  All officers on the Board are a one year term, except for the National Directors who have a two year staggered term.  Val asked that the Secretary cast a nomination for the current Chairman & Vice Chairman for another year.  Steve Didier asked that the Board to approve the current Secretary  & Treasurer for another year.  Pat Bogar, seconded both requests.  Passed.
Robbin Schindele was nominated for National Director, no other nominations were cast.  Steve Didier made a motion to accept Robbin as National Director.  Pat Bogar, seconded.  Passed.  Terry Steiner was nominated for Alternate National Director.  He was absent from the meeting at the time, nomination tabled.

Budget Audit Committee Report:  Lorraine McPherson reported that she & Karen Parks had reviewed the Treasurer books.  Everything was in good order.

Location for next SBD Meeting:  Salmon River volunteered to host the July meeting.  Discussion followed if the Board could do the State business with 2 meetings per year, thereby saving travel costs.  It was agreed by most Directors they would like to try 2 meetings rather than 3 for this year.  It was agreed that September was 6 months away & would be a good time.  Salmon River can not host the meeting in September.  North Central offered to host the September meeting.  Wayne Nishek made a motion to have North Central host the next SBD meeting on September 29, seconded by Curtis Elton.  Motion Passed.

Chairman Mark Bogar showed a BCHI award he had received.  BCHI received a Gold Spur contribution award for the donation that was  made to BCHA.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted By:  Raenette Didier, BCHI Secretary

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BCHI November 18, 2011 BOD Meeting Teleconference
by Pat Bogar (temporary secretary)

Meeting called to order by Mark Bogar at 8:15.  Roll call was taken and all chapters were present except North Idaho and Selkirk Valley. The minutes were read and approved as printed.

Mark brought up the passing of long time BCH member and state director Beth Wykle.  After some discussion, Val Johnson said he thought the BCHI should make a donation to the Beth Wykle foundation.  Steve Didier said he would get information on this and get an address/name to send our donation to.  The family indicated they want the money sent either to: BCHI, Christian children’s camp scholarships, or animal rescue.  We can specify our preference and the discussion was to ear mark our donation directly for trail projects.  Val Johnson motioned BCHI donate $100.00 and Steve Didier seconded the motion and the motion carried.  Because during the discussion it was brought up to get more money in to this donation, it was suggested that individual chapters donate to this Foundation also.

Steve Didier made a motion that the BCHI make a donation to the BCHI Foundation in memory of Beth Wykle in the amount of $150.00, Bill Correll seconded the motion.  There was a short discussion about how the money should be handled, as the BCHI Foundation dollars can be specifically ear marked, though nothing was decided at this time.  The motion carried.

Treasurers Report:  Kay Ryan sent every director a copy of the treasurer’s report.  Kay was asked if the chapters have been billed for the last video- conference fees.  Kay was unable to get the cost of the July video conference until she received the invoice from the U of I.  Kay said all chapters have been billed and she has received $390.00 to date.  Some have paid but not every chapter. The July video conference cost is $65.00 for each chapter.  Kay listed those chapters that have not paid, contact her is you are not sure whether your chapter has paid.  There was nothing budgeted for this second conference as only one video- conference was scheduled and this conference doubled in price.  Terry Steiner moved to put the cost of this video-conference in the budget, Robbin Schindele seconded the motion and the motion carried.  Each chapter will owe $130.00 for this conference.

The video conference issue will be on the agenda for the Convention in March for further discussion.  
Val Johnson brought up the possible need to make the state secretary position a paid position. However, Steve Didier said Raenette Didier will do the state secretary position per the list of duties sent out. With a short discussion everyone agreed to Raenette handling this position. Sara Johnson brought up moving jobs around to many folks so that one person is not doing everything per the secretarial duties list that was sent out. An example of this sharing of duties is Karen Kimball compiling the club reports, volunteer miles, and therefore taking this load off the secretary position.  It is difficult to get these reports from each chapter within the deadline and the chapters need to keep these time constraints in mind, Karen feels she can make this work.  All additional duties were originally a director’s responsibility and then got piled on to the secretary and we would like to see the directors’ step forward to take on more of these additional duties.  Treasure report was accepted.  Kathy from High Desert asked Kay if she would send a bill to their secretary so they can get the video conference bill paid.  The treasurer’s report was approved as printed.

National Director’s Report:  Val Johnson and Rod Parks – Rod Parks was not in attendance.  Val Johnson hasn’t seen the officers doing much since the July meeting. The solicitation for a fund raiser/grant person is out for BCHA; Val expressed some concerns with this position and the differences between the four officer positions.  Val asked for questions, nothing was asked.  The 40th Anniversary celebration of BCHA has begun with Al Sammons heading up the committee and the location has been determined to be South Dakota.

One of the issues discussed at National was a dues increase.  It takes about 4 years to actually get monies through the process and become beneficial.  The last increase became effective in 2006, but no dollar figure was indicated.  Within BCHI the dues per member for a single membership is $15.00 with $10.00 going to BCHA and for a Family membership $25.00 with $13.00 going to BCHA.  We had 222 single memberships and 381 family memberships last year.  National gets 2/3 and the State gets 1/3 approximately of the dues paid.  Val has not seen further detail from the executive committee and there is no formal action at this time.  Mark Bogar encouraged the BCHI to give Rod or Val our opinion on the dues increase.

The annual fund raising letter is due from National soon.   The problem per Val is the need for a break away from membership paying for National.  They need another source of revenue at the National level.
Robbin questioned what benefit the state gets from National for the amount of dues paid each year.  Per Val this is not a new question.  National gives us exposure to land agencies and more. We have seen expansion of the BCH throughout USA.  The net benefits are legal issues, political issues, and more issues that are hard to quantify, but they are there.  It is important to bring this up and have out on the table for everyone to understand.  The National organization's flow with the National chair and effectiveness is key to that chair.  The goal of the BCHA is to have the National organization reflect the clout of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) and other organizations like them.  However, we are a long way from reaching this status.

Broomtales Report:  Marilyn Rousher did not receive much response again for Broomtales articles this time. If Val and Sara Johnson hadn’t sent some archives, the last two additions of the Broomtales would have been pretty slim.  Marilyn has sent emails requesting articles and no one is responding.  We have 15 chapters and the same 4 chapters send items.  In trying to get all chapters to produce articles, Mark talked about all of us being proud of the things we do and how we should publish our accomplishments. We have a great paper, let’s help her.  Bill suggested having a column in the Broomtales to check off which chapters sent something in for that edition.  Marilyn said consider it done.  The next deadline is February 15th.   When Marilyn sends emails, please respond to let her know we have at least received them so she feels like she is heard.  We had lots of discussion, Bonnie Shields will do some drawings for Marilyn and there were lots of thanks on the 25th Anniversary Edition.  Very well done.

Gene and Sharon Bruce have now moved and won’t be involved with our chapters any longer.

Public Lands Report:  Gary Towle was not in attendance and we asked if anyone knew what has happened to Gary?  The only comment to this was that Brandon took Gary’s place on their board of directors.  Steve Didier asked Kay what Phil’s feelings might be for taking on the Public Lands position.  Kay will ask Phil about this and Mark will call him too.

Kay gave Phil’s reports on the following:

Owyhee Initiative: The wilderness NEPA for BLM continues.  Nickel Creek fencing project in Owyhee the summer of 2012.  Idaho Outdoor Public TV has done a session on this initiative.  It is a good club video and well done per Val Johnson.

Idaho Sportsmen’s Caucus Advisory Council (ISCAC): Phil attended monthly meeting Nov. 2.  The Idaho Fish & Game reported 100 wolves killed so far this hunting season. Idaho Fish & Game director Virgil Moore reported on the 2011 F & G reported business plan.  Caucus business discussed included yearly dues (increase to $300 but BCHI can stay at $200) and upcoming state legislators evening in Boise on January 25th.  Do we want Phil to keep going to this meeting and pay dues to attend?

Selway-Bitterroot-Frank Church Foundation: – Phil will attend – Gretel and Paul attended the McCall meeting – talked about the area and conditions of the Frank, Dennis’ chain saw issue (article in the BCHA paper) and looking for volunteers. We need to convince the powers to be to go in at first of year and clear out trails to keep it from being a land of no use.   Per Val he feels a resolution to declare national emergency on the trails/lands to government to get them to go back to original intent.  ATV is in favor, as trails are hard to utilize due to conditions – need to use chain saws – Val will write the resolution for this project/issue.  He will have it at the March convention.  We need to get support from the Selway-Bitterroot-Frank Church Foundation and Wilderness Society which is very important per Robbin. Get the benefit of three significant organizations dealing with one issue?  Resolution limited to the Frank –or general resolution – per Steve it is ok to be general, but add some specifics too (Frank/Selway).   Chain saws in numerous other wilderness areas around USA – Steve wants to put pressure on wilderness society, maybe specific is good.

  • Marble Creek project, August 2011: Joe Williams & Phil Ryan packed crew supplies into Marble Creek in the Frank Church Wilderness.  This will be a 3 year project eventually clearing all 30 miles of the trail.  BCH will be asked to support their crews by packing in and out their supplies each summer.
  • On December 3rd in Boise we will meet with the SBFC Foundation to discuss projects in the Frank Church for next summer.
  • On December 5th we will meet with the Wilderness Society in Boise to discuss projects in the Frank Church next summer.
  • On December 7th, Phil will meet with Layne Bangerter of Senator Mike Crapo’s office and they will attend the Idaho Outfitters and Guides 2011 Convention in Boise to discuss cooperation on trails in the Frank Church for the summer of 2012.

If you plan to attend either the SBFC or Wilderness Society meetings, please RSVP to them as the space is limited – contact SBFC – Rob Mason at 208-451-5047 or Wilderness Society – Brad Brooks at 208-343-8153. 

Education Report:  Sec Read what Mary Beth sent in.
The Education Chair position was Discussed and brought up by Mark Bogar. Mark asked for a report to indicate which chapters have LNT trained members. The trained folks are supposed to come back and train other chapter members too.   Sara Johnson knows a couple, the Chris Walkers; she feels they would be good ambassadors.   They have completed the Nine Mile Depot and are master trainers. The discussion was to have the BCHI fund the Walkers and others to go around and train others. The question was asked would the Walker’s help with this project?  The Salmon Chapter will ask the Walkers about this project.  Mary Beth Conger has said she is not able to be the Education chair any longer and we need to find a replacement for this position.  We need someone to help organize.  It was suggested that each chapter should talk about the needs for training and come up with someone to help.   The new education person can be within a chapter and not necessarily a director.  We will request a list from Mary Beth Conger on LNT trained BCH members.  The suggestion was made for BCH to remember to be ambassadors for LNT all the time.

Right to Ride in Idaho:  Bill Correll said Missouri and Michigan passed the Right to Ride – Steve Didier’s comment is it will take someone with a lot of drive to make Right to Ride happen in Idaho.  We need the push and we have some organizations – Horse Council and Sportsman caucus – getting to legislation. Getting this bill passed will not be an easy road.  We will need one individual to push, have drive, passion to write the bill, get sponsors, and address the governor’s office.  Additionally, finding initial sponsors is a tough, tough job per Robbin Schindele and Steve Didier. Chairmen Mark Bogar asked if we find the right person, do we support the Right to Ride.  We discussed other states where there were threats and the definite need for Right to Ride.  So the question: is there a threat here in Idaho and is there a need in Idaho for Right to Ride? This topic was tabled at this time.

Chapter Reports were heard during lunch and almost all chapters gave their reports. 

Ways & Means:  Debbie Samaore asked if we want to do a calendar for 2013.  We need to vote and move forward as the photos will be due by April 1.  They could be delivered at the March convention.  Karen Kimball’s comment was it used to be the chapter’s had more money than state organization, however, that isn’t true anymore. Robbin Schindele motioned to continue the 2013 calendar, Gretel Kleint seconded the motion, and the motion carried.  Karen Kimball said to bring the amount of calendar numbers each chapter will take to sell to the March meeting.  Photos are due March 24th, on disk, CD, zip file, or electronically.  Send the pictures to Debbie Samaore; get geared up to take quality pictures, the 12 X 12 needs to be 1300 X 1300 at 300 dpi.  The resolution list and picture taking tips will go out again soon.  Kathy at High Desert Chapter said they have no pro photo takers and don’t know pixels.  Debbie Samaore explained how to get the camera set at a better quality, a high file size means higher resolution, HQ = high quality.  Karen Kimball will get prizes for the calendar and the lottery commission was explicit we don’t give out cash and give merchandise prizes only.  We should indicate on the calendar that no cash prizes as a disclaimer will be added.  The question was asked, how are the calendar sales going?  Karen Kimball is contacting all those that check the box on the cards that they are interested in BCH and the sales are going well.

Trail Classification Surveys:  Bill Correll gave Rod Park’s report. Rod needs the final surveys from all the chapters.  Per discussion several chapters have their surveys done, others are working on theirs.  Rod wanted all chapters to know that he would help them if they needed assistance.  Some of the Forest Service is doing these surveys too. 

Future Direction: Treasure Valley sent a lengthy email discussing the future direction of the BCH and BCHI.  After reading this email, we had actually gone over most of the items in the email during the meeting thus far.  Treasure Valley discussed the chain saw in the wilderness areas and how to continue forward, the regional forester is the one that approves this per case.  They will work on this issue.  There were comments that it was a good email. Maybe we should ask local Forest Service Supervisors if they agree or disagree with the chain saw issue and get a feel for their opinion on chain saw situation.  Treasure Valley felt their questions were answered throughout the meeting.

BCHI Website:  Mark Bogar commented on some obsolete information on the website and feels it is important to keep the website updated!!  The chapters need to update calendars and events.  The chairman is the first line for website updates or second would be Raenette Didier.  We talked about the website newsletter verse mailing to members, and there was an emphatic No!  Receipt of the newsletter is part of the membership dues.   Rod Parks has volunteered to keep the website updated and he was approved.

Lochsa Land Exchange & Western Pacific Timber Company was discussed by Bill Correll and Steve Didier.  The North Central BCH position is it doesn’t meet our mission to date, however, we still want to stay involved so if things are changed the way it looks like it could, this will fit our bill better.   The land exchange is 20,000 acres in the Salmon/Riggins area. Today is the start of public comment and the Nez Perce National Forest site has more information worth reading.  However, this is not an issue for BCHI at this time per North Central BCH.

The March 23 & 24 Convention information was given by Karen Kimball.  During the convention we need to have a meeting of the foundation, which will require a small room.  Flyers have been completed and are on the website, as well as the entry forms, cost is $45.00 each.  This will be at the Best Western, Couer’d Alene, March 23 & 24.  No auction items need to be provided by the chapters. Yes, do bring chapter displays. There will be 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place monies awards. They would like lots of photos too.  Rooms are $79.00 per night with breakfast being furnished.  At the convention there will be break food (snacks) and drinks all day, no breakfast furnished since breakfast is free at the motel.  A sit down dinner, a live and silent auction are all planned.  We are hoping for a good convention turnout.  The question was asked if we want to continue the BCH memorial or heroes at the convention??  We all agreed to keep doing them.  There is no theme yet…
Karen Kimball requested new email addresses from new directors and officers as she and Raenette Didier will need these in the future.

Bill Correll spoke of Sourdough Saddle road being in terrible condition and the Forest Service is supposed to keep three roads open in the Hump area, per the wilderness act, they came in and opened them all up.  The trails should be kept in the same passable condition too.  Bill was pointing out the fact they are obligated to do this!

A list of public events for Insurance purposes has been requested: Kathy with High Desert – 1)  Poker Ride April 28th – with about 20 non members 

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BCHI State Board of Directors Meeting      July 8, 2011
University of Idaho Video Teleconferencing Sites

Caldwell, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Falls, Moscow, Salmon and Twin Falls, Idaho

Mark Bogar, State Chairman, opened the meeting at 8:15am. Mark thanked the Treasure Valley BCH chapter for organizing the University of Idaho Video Teleconferencing sites for the chapters throughout the state for the BOD meeting. Secretary Dorothy Bailey held roll call. All chapters were present except   Boise and Selkirk Valley. The minutes from the March 2011 BCHI BOD meeting were approved as printed.

Treasurer’s Report: Kay Ryan, Treasurer, presented the treasurer’s report. A motion was made by Val Johnson to reimburse Robbin Schindele for his expenses for attending a Stock Access and Use Meeting in Yellowstone National Park in April 2011. Seconded by Connie Bowcutt. The treasurer’s report was accepted as submitted. Motion made to accept the treasurer’s report by Robbin Schindele. Seconded by Kathy Kerley. Motion carried.

Robbin Schindele was congratulated by Mark Bogar and BCHI for receiving the BCHA Double Diamond Award for the “What the Horse Sees” bike and hiker posters. Karen Kimball presented how the Panhandle BCH chapter has utilized the posters on trailheads in their local area.  Local bicyclist groups have built kiosks at some of the trailheads. The PBCH chapter placed the posters on some of these trail kiosks. Karen presented a photo of one of the kiosks/ posters display.

National Director’s Reports: Rod Parks reported on the April BCHA National Director’s meeting in Butte, MT. BCHA will be hiring  an Executive Director. Val Johnson’s National Director’s meeting report is printed in the current Broomtales newsletter.  The 2012 National Director’s meeting will be held in Eugene, Oregon.  BCHA is establishing a library of references and documents to be available on their website. New BCHA officers were elected. BCHA elected Mike McGlenn from Washington State as Chairman.

Broomtales Report: Marilyn Rousher reported she received articles from only four chapters for the last issue. She asked the chapters to send her articles of their summer work projects to be published in the November Broomtales issue. The deadline for the next issue is October 15. Ken Nungesser and Beth Wykle suggested for each chapter to elect or appoint a member to submit their chapter articles for the   Broomtales newsletter.

Owyhee Initiative: Phil Ryan reported the BLM has purchased 320 acres south of Grandview to be designated as the new trailhead. BLM has a fencing project for BCHI at Nickel Creek. The Selway Bitterroot Foundation has established a working relationship with the southwestern chapters of BCHI to work as packers for their packing projects. There is a packing project at the Marble Creek Trail July/August 2011.

Horse Expo: Treasure Valley reported the Heartland chapter will be joining the Squaw Butte, Treasure Valley and Boise BCH chapters next year at their Horse Expo booth.

Trail Classification Standards Update: Rod Parks will send the TCS chapter contacts a TCS cheat sheet developed by Dennis Dailey. Rod discussed with the BOD the importance of each chapter to review the TCS to help preserve our access to trails to accommodate pack and saddle stock. Each trail has a TMO reference sheet (design parameters of the trail). Trails can have only one designed use, but can have multiple managed uses. If the trail is designed for pack and saddle, it is encouraged for the trail to be listed as managed for pack and saddle. If a trail is designed for pack and saddle stock and it is not listed as pack and saddle stock: be proactive, discuss and encourage your local USFS office to add and/or change “managed for use” for pack and saddle stock for the trail classification designation. The change must be listed on the USFS TMO documents. Request the USFS to send your chapter TCS contact person a copy of the TMO changes.

BCHI Chapter             Chapter TCS Contact                         Idaho National Forest
Boise                           Bill Murphy                                         Boise
Cache Peak                Pike Genzmer                                     Sawtooth
Eagle Rock                 Connie Bowcutt /Phoebe Pelot           Caribou/Targee
Heartland                    Al Becker                                            Payette
High Desert                 Kathy Kerley                                       Sawtooth
North Central              Steve Didier                                        Clearwater/ Nez Perce
North Idaho                                                                             Kanisku
Panhandle                   George Miller/Debbie Samovar          St Joe /CDA
Priest River                 Dale Schrempp                                   Kanisku          
Salmon River              Val Johnson                                        Challis/Salmon
Sawtooth                     Jo Heiss                                              Sawtooth
Selkirk  Valley             Merle Olsen                                        Kanisku
Squaw Butte               Robbin Schindele                                Boise
Treasure Valley           Keith Lambrecht                                 Boise
Twin Rivers                 Rod Parks                                           Clearwater/ Nez Perce

Chapter Reports
Boise: Bruneau Sand Dunes State Park, April 2011, repair and upgrade existing stock corrals, added 150 ft water line and frost free hydrant. 14 people worked on the project. 39.5 hours of unskilled labor, 10.5 hours of skilled labor with chainsaws, 3.5 hours of skilled labor operating backhoe, 520 miles were driven. Warm Springs Guard Station, Lowman, May 2011, annual spring maintenance, 6 people worked on this project, 24 hours of unskilled labor, 730 miles were driven. Saddle Up for St. Jude’s Charity Poker Ride, Idaho City, June 2011, charity benefit for St. Jude’s involving all three local BCH chapters and the horse community.  30 people worked on this project, 200 hours of unskilled labor, 1000 miles were driven, 20 hours of stock use. Horse Expo, April 2011, promoting Back Country Horsemen with the horse community, 20 hours of education.  Board of Directors Meeting, March 2011, hosting the board of directors meeting and providing luncheon, 24 hours unskilled labor. Sportsman Show, March 2011, promoting Back Country Horsemen with the outdoor recreation community, 24 hours of education.

Cache Peak:  Lorraine Genzmer reported the chapter has not been able to do anything but have meetings until now.  Snow is still up in the area, the FS had contemplated rebuilding or rerouting a trail at Lake Independence and Castle Rock & City of Rocks are still working on their EPA program before we can do much up there.  Both entities are to contact us whenever they are ready. Summer ride at the Cottonwood area.

Eagle Rock: Phebe Pelot reported the chapter hosted a Spring Fling Horse Tune Up at Connie and Mike Bowcutt’s residence in June.  They have had several meeting with the FS regarding TCS.  The chapter packed out the bridge from the Palisades Bridge. Other summer and fall trail work projects include Tie Canyon, Lander Cutoff, Water Canyon and Indian Creek. In September, the chapter will be hosting the Harriman State Park Fall Ride at Island Park.

Heartland: Gretel Kleint reported the chapter has been working with the Payette Ranger District on trail classifications. The chapter will be hosting a Mountain Trail Challenge in July. In August, the Council Mountain Trail Maintenance project is planned to work on the chapter’s adopted trail.

High Desert: Kathy Kerley reported in January- Chili Feed and Auction in Jerome. We had 60 in attendance. April - Poker Ride at Niagra Springs Wildlife Management Area. We had 23 participants in the ride and had a potluck afterwards. We took in $371 and netted $279. May 14 - we had a day ride at Cottonwood Canyon. We had a bad wind which should have blown in a huge storm. However not one drop of rain. June - we had a work project scheduled to build new horse corrals at  Porcupine Springs between the materials not arriving in time and the snow cover there we had to cancel and have not been able to come up with a time to reschedule.

North Central: Beth Wykle reported the chapter conducted CPR and first aid classes for their members during their winter meetings. We are still working on our trail classification task with the FS. Weed spraying is their main fundraiser and this year they have permission to perform weed spraying in the wilderness areas.

North Idaho: Debbie Gullo reported the chapter started the year slow, probably like most of the other chapters, due to the rain.  We've had guest speakers at our meeting throughout the year so far.  On June 4th 5 members cleaned up the debris and trash at the Wylie Knob trail head.  A few of our members went to speak to kids at the local elementary school during National Bike week.  They discussed how to approach horses when riding a bike. We're hoping it makes a difference with this generation as far as horsemen and bikers relationships go.  We had our annual Coggins, shots and health certificates day at a member's ranch, followed by a potluck. We'll also be helping a local ranch with their competitive trail ride and some of the members will be clearing various trails on their own, as they did last year.

Panhandle: Marilyn Rousher reported on March 19th the chapter had their Chainsaw Maintenance Clinic at Bob and Linda Funk's place. April 9th, Bob Williams organized and trail bossed our annual Tune-up Clinic.  It was held at Red Top Stables in Post Falls and 49 horses were vaccinated and others had their teeth floated.  May 7 & 8th Jerry and Diane Shriner trail bossed the Remount Ride in Montana and had 20 people in attendance. May 27th a group, organized by Karen Kimball installed a horse gate to keep motorcycles off of Canfield Mountain's hiking and riding trail.  The group also posted signs so that persons riding bicycles would understand how to safely approach a horse on the trail.  June 2nd, Karen and Jim Kimball trail bossed the spraying of weeds at Marie Creek. June 4th, for National Trails Day, PBCH installed two hitching rails at English Point.  Karen Kimball acted as trail boss. June 11th was the Marie Creek Trail Clearing. Les Erikson handled the trail boss job. June 18th, Marilyn Rousher and Angela Parsons Trail Bossed the Marie Creek Fun Ride.  16 people were in attendance and the ride had rain, mud and lots of water crossings.

Panhandle: June 19th, a group from PBCH, individuals from the Nordic Ski Club and a local bike club joined together to clear the 4th of July Pass Trails.  June 25th, Joni Lueck organized and bossed the 4th of July Pass membership drive/fun ride.  It was a very well organized event with homemade cookies being passed out at the half way point of the five mile loop ride, the ten milers received cookies as well.  The food was fantastic, approximately 30 riders attended.  Three new members signed up, three members that signed up a week before were also in attendance.  New members received a free lunch.

Current general meetings are enjoying the videos "Road to the Horse" after all the business has been taken care of. Sept 10th, at Farragut State Park, McKinlay and Peters Equine Hospital is sponsoring a fund raiser that will benefit PBCH.  McKinlay and Peters Equine Hospital has done this kind of fund raising for other horse groups over the past three years.  The day's events will include a Trail Obstacle Course, LNT Packing Clinic, De-spooking Clinic, and Trail Ride, Horse first Aid, Trailer/break Inspection, Horse Pucky Bingo, Silent Auction, Mounted Shooting Demo and lunch.

Priest River: Terry Steiner reported several of the members participated in teaching educational skills to the Boy Scouts helping them earn their Horsemanship badge. Chapter members completed Chainsaw Certification and Defensive Horsemanship classes in the spring.

Jack Lamb and Julie Copley held their annual Dutch oven gathering and trail ride at the Highland Flats Snowmobile Park in late April and many chapter members attended for both the ride and the dinner. As usual the potluck was great. We were stopped by snow after only one hour up the hill, but got to see two big moose. The abbreviated ride just got us back to the food more quickly. The Forest Service postponed the big Memorial Day work party because of the equine herpes virus scare. The new dates for projects are July 16/17 PeeWee Creek trailhead improvements: information kiosk, gate, build an accessible handicap mounting ramp, and install 3 manure bins.

In August the chapter will be working on improvements at the Chipmunk Rapids Trailhead near Priest Lake: information kiosk, highline poles, build an accessible handicap mounting ramp, and install manure bins. Both of these projects were RAC funded. Packing plans are in the works for materials to repair some of the Lakeshore Trail.
Even with the herpes virus scare we held our Poker Ride on June 11. We only had 26 riders this year and fifty+ dinners served, but still figured the event to be success morale wise if not financially. Terry Steiner and Bonnie Shields did their LNT booth at the Priest Lake Sportsmen’s Club “Kids’ Fishing Day” that same weekend.

Bud Bailey ramrodded a spectacular trailhead project up Trail Creek out of Naples, Idaho. Almost everything for the project was donated. With the time of the professional welders and all of the steel for the high lines, hitching post  and  four stall horse corrals, plus timbers and crushed gravel for three  tent pads we figure well over $10,000.00 was put into the project.  The Forest Service did install a super vault toilet on site. Get up there if you get the chance. The trailhead has opened much of the west-central Cabinet Mountain trail system to better access.  We also have some social rides planned and are looking forward to a weekend at Squaw Valley August 13/14. 

Salmon River: Val Johnson reported the January meeting/potluck was highlighted by election of officers, payment of dues, and information re: a new vendor with local and Missoula MT ties for Life Flight Insurance. A committee was selected to work on the Trail Classification process in our assigned BIG area, and hopes were proffered that we could get some money-making work projects this year. February's meeting on Valentine's Day was festive and fun. An upcoming Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting was discussed. We'll be hauling/packing water for the County Weed Superintendent in July---much cheaper than using a helicopter to get to road fewer areas. In March our Chapter was presented a Certificate of Appreciation by the USFS "for work above and beyond" by Middle Fork Ranger Chris Grove. This involved rebuilding the historic Loon Greek Guard Station corral and packing out 28 mule loads of cut-up pieces of abandoned culvert. The Work and Ride and Event Schedule was presented----a busy summer coming up!

In April we presented our annual Packing Demonstration at the Fairgrounds as a precursor to the annual Mule Sale. We had our annual Easter Ride with 30 folks riding and 25 others joining for breakfast, fellowship, music and an Easter service. We enjoyed the great article in Broomtales about our members, Chris and Cindy Walker, who will be going to the Nine-Mile LNT Training session in May. May brought us together for a Kentucky Derby party, hats and all, at a member's home. We are working on some programs with the folks at the Sacajawea Center for their Heritage Days August 20th in exchange for a meeting place in the winter. Topics are: (1) Navigating the Rivers and Rockies (No GPS in those Days). (2) Lewis and Clark and the Shoshone Horses. (3) Paddles, Packsaddles and a Lot of Rawhide. And (4) Mysteries of Knots & Hitches---Tie Your Own Diamond. John Burns is the dedicated individual behind this. Then we'll have two more field trips or presentations to put together.

June's meeting brought Lost River Ranger (Mackay) Diane Weaver to our meeting, asking for suggestions on developing an equine facility at the Star Hope Campground in the Copper Mountain area off the Trail Creek Road. We also got information on a pack-out project for non burnable materials from the damaged Little Soldier Lookout. We had 17 folks gather 11 bags of trash on our semi-annual highway cleanup. We had an enthusiastic report from Cindy and Chris Walker's LNT Training---they are gung-ho to share their knowledge with members and local groups. The planned Memorial Day work project in the Wagonhammer Complex was weather-shortened. A ride up the Pahsimeroi was cancelled due to lingering snow and road washouts.  A few folks took a ride up Perreau Creek; another group helped the USFS place cairns and markers on a trail near the Williams Creek Summit.

Squaw Butte: Robbin Schindele reported in January the chapter created a new Internet based system for registering to attend events and activities and recording, mileage and volunteer hours. Arena Night Ride- various horse education activities by our Education Team, Charles and Lorraine Chick. February-Arena Night Ride- various horse education activities by our Education Team, Charles and Lorraine Chick. Celebration Park Fun Ride in the World Center for Birds of Prey Area on the Snake River. March-Arena Night Ride- various horse education activities by our Education Team, Charles and Lorraine Chick. Set up BCHI booth at the Idaho Sportsman Show, in Boise. The booth was manned during the 3-day show by members of the Squaw Butte, Boise and Treasure Valley chapters of BCHI. Emmett Horse Park Fun Ride, the Emmett Horse Park is an area of land east of Emmett set aside by the owners for equine activities.

Squaw Butte: April-Set up BCHI booth at the Idaho Horse Expo in Nampa.  The booth was manned during the 3-day show by members of the Squaw Butte, Boise and Treasure Valley chapters of BCHI. Little Butte Fun Ride, Emmett, followed by another excellent potluck.

May-BLM Owyhee Work Project-RESCHEDULED. AQHA/BCHI co-sponsored fun ride, at the Wilson Creek Trailhead, no AQHA riders showed up but 2 groups of BCHI riders had a good ride and great lunch. Adopt a Highway Spring cleanup. Our 2 miles was trash less, for a while. USFS Sawyer Certification Class, Emmett Ranger District offices, Emmett, ID. BLM Owyhee Work Project-Cancelled. Annual SBBCH Yard Sale, Emmett, ID the chapter netted about $2,800.00. June- SBBCH sponsored First Aid/CPR Certification class taught by chapter member, Dan  Murphy, a certified instructor. Warm Spring Guard Station, Lowman District Boise National Forest, our National Trails Day event.  Worked a new section of trail. Peace Creek Trail work project, on the Middle Fork of the Payette River, canceled due to snow. July- Crooked River trail Project, Idaho City District, and Boise National Forest.

Treasure Valley: Ken Nungesser reported TVBCH will pack in supplies and tools to the 44 Creek Cabin on July 20th for a project to restore the bottom logs of the historic 44 Creek Cabin.  The USFS is bringing in log replacement specialists from Montana to do the log work.  During the week the cabin log work is being performed, chapter members will be clearing 44 Creek trail.  At the end of the project the chapter members will pack the tools and supplies back to trailhead. Celebration Pack Tire Pack-0ut. National Trails Day—On a beautifully cool, Saturday, June 4, sixteen TVBCH members and three friends saddled their horses and pack animals and headed down Celebration Park trails to gather tires, which had been rolled off the cliffs above the Halverson Lakes, littering the area.  Packing out the tires was the project chosen by the Treasure Valley Chapter of the Back Country Horsemen for National Trails Day 2011—the 19th annual celebration of American’s magnificent trail system— put on by the American Hiking Society.  That morning, a few members of the group left early to gather the tires, after which the rest of the group arrived to pack out the tires. Some members handled stock while others packed tires onto animals.

When the last riders came in, Ashley Talbert, employee of Les Schwab Tire in Nampa, met them in the parking area with his truck.  Members Ken and Linda Nungesser also joined the group at this time. Ashley was there to haul the tires away, Linda had come to take photos of the occasion, and Ken recorded information for the project report. Shortly after the photo shoot, members gathered for lunch and conversation.  It was a very successful project: 24 tires were safely packed out, and Les Schwab Tire of Nampa hauled and disposed of the tires for free. “Thanks” goes out to Corey Miner, manager of Les Schwab on 12th Avenue Road in Nampa for disposing of the tires and to the many TVBCH members and their friends, who participated to make it a successful project. Poker Ride at Wilson Creek, May 10th, Thanks to Patty Pennington, Alice Millington, Jim Fox and Bonnie Fox for organizing the Poker Ride at Wilson Creek on May 10th... Alice and John Millington cut cards at the stations. A dozen riders and guests turned out for the Poker Ride, a runaway, and the cattle drive. Thanks to those who donated prizes. Wilson Creek Fun Ride, April 23rd, Approximately 10 members participated in a fun ride at Wilson Creek.

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge in the Nampa- Caldwell area.  There are plans to close a   five mile trail to completely exclude horseback riding. Rod Parks suggested viewing the BCHA website to view a Public Lands Workshop program developed by Dennis Dailey that can be presented at a BCH chapter meeting. Rod Parks made a motion for the   BCHI Chairman to draft and send a letter addressing the concerns of the elimination of stock use in the Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge with the assistance of Keith Lambrecht from TVBCH. Seconded by Phil Ryan. Motion carried.

Twin Rivers: Rod Parks reported this spring was full of rain, snow and cancelled projects. The Don Uhlman Memorial Shelter at Hellsgate Park in Lewiston is completed. A plaque is installed and a picnic table is at the shelter. We have offered $300.00 to help with printing costs of a trail map for the trails that will be open to ride stock on at Hellsgate Park. The trails at Hellsgate Park are a work in progress with monthly meeting still going on. TRBCH hosted a basic First Aid/ CPR class March 9th.  Eighteen members attended the 3.5 hour class. April was the Inland Northwest Outdoor Show at the Nez Perce County Fairgrounds. Our chapter was co-sponsor of this event with the Lewiston-Clarkston Chamber of Commerce. We set up a camp display and info booth, help a hands on packing clinic, sponsored two trainers working with horses in round pens and put on a Dutch Oven Competition. This will be our last year for the Outdoor Show as a sponsor. Multiple work projects have been at Black’s Ranch, the location of our Kid’s Kamp for 2011. Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife has been very co-operative with improvements to the house and grounds for a nice facility to host the camp. We purchased 20 panels with proceeds from this year’s Outdoor Show and are looking into buying or getting 30 more donated. The trail was cleared for our Poker Ride and then we decided to cancel the Poker Ride over concerns of liability from the risk of the EHV-1 virus. Next our National Trails Day project was cancelled due to snow still over the trail.

We completed our grant from Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife on Asotin Creek drainage. There is now a non-motorized access gate at Sourdough Canyon, a fire ring, hitch rail, non-motorized access gate and one set of highline poles at Sheep Gulch Trailhead, and a hitch rail & fire ring at Asotin Creek Trailhead. We also built 1000’ of new fence to restrict access by motorized vehicles and removed a mile of old fence that was in disrepair and a hazard to stock and wildlife. Two members cut out the trail to our Adopt a Cabin in the Craig Mountain WMA for Idaho Fish & Game. Over 100 trees across the trail in five miles. We are still working on our trail classification task with the FS.

BCHI Wilderness Pack Clinic Update: Robbin Schindele reported the Squaw Butte 2011 BCHI Wilderness Pack Clinic, August 14-21, 2011 at the Grandjean Trailhead, Sawtooth Wilderness has been cancelled due to a low number of registrations of attendees.

Ways and Means Report: Karen Kimball discussed the 2012 calendars are now available for the chapters to sell and will be delivered to the chapters in the next few weeks. Karen, Mark Bogar and Debbie Samovar carefully proofread the calendars for typographical errors.  Robbin Schindele will write an article for the Broomtales newspaper regarding camera settings for taking photos with suggested proper resolution settings for submitting photos for the BCHI calendar. Mark reviewed with the chapters at this meeting the number of 2012 calendars that each chapter made a commitment to sell at the March 2011 BOD meeting as the BCHI state fundraiser. Any unsold calendars cannot be returned to the state.

Ways and Means Report: The calendars belong to the chapters and the chapters cannot give them back to the state. The number of calendars that each chapter made a commitment to are to be paid for in full by each chapter, $20.00 per calendar at the March 2012 meeting.  Mark discussed that Selkirk Valley BCH has requested to reduce their commitment from 85 to 35 calendars.

Discussion regarding if chapters can make a request to decrease the number of calendars for their chapter after they have stated the number they made a commitment at the March 2011 BOD meeting.  Mark Bogar called for a vote. Val Johnson made a motion that Selkirk Valley BCH may reduce their commitment of 2012 BCHI calendars from 85 to 35. Motion seconded by Connie Bowcutt. Motion passed.
Boise                             75
Cache Peak                  75                  Priest River                   90
Eagle Rock                   40                  Salmon                        75      
Heartland                      75                  Sawtooth                       20
High Desert                 150                  Selkirk                           35     
North Central              250                  Squaw Butte               250 (+50)
North Idaho                  10                  Treasure Valley           150     
Panhandle                   200                  Twin Rivers                 400

VIP Ride:  Rod Parks discussed BCHA was inquiring if BCHI will sponsor a VIP ride in the future on a trail regarding specific equine use trail issues in Idaho for USFS and legislators. Possible VIP ride in the Owyhee Initiative Wilderness area, organized by Phil Ryan.  It was suggested the BCHI Chairman, Vice Chairman, the two National Directors participate in the VIP ride.

Robbin’s Proposal by Squaw Butte BCH update: Discussion of the reply letter from the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation  regarding  the Idaho state wide trails web site at: . The website provides details for most trails in Idaho, but in its detailed descriptions of non-motorized trails does not include horsemen. Robbin will send a copy of the BCHI letter sent to the Idaho Department of Parks and Rec and the response letter BCHI received from the Idaho Department of Parks and Rec to Butch Otter, Idaho’s governor. Phil Ryan will send copies of both letters to Idaho Senator Mike Crapo’s office.

November 2011 State Board meeting: Discussion of November’s BOD meeting at a single meeting location or with the University of Idaho teleconferencing site locations. Val made a motion to schedule either the first or second Friday in November as a video conference. Nov 4 or Nov 18 to start at 0900 PST and 1000 MST. If the U of I sites are not available. Salmon BCH will host the November BOD meeting. Seconded by Terry Steiner.  Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at   2:15 pm

Respectfully submitted by,
Dorothy Bailey, BCHI State Secretary



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