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April 10 2015
September 26 2015

State Convention Business Meeting
April 11 2015


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2015 BCHI State Board of Directors Meeting
September 26, 2015 Minutes
Hosted by Portneuf River BCH in Pocatello, Idaho


The September 26, 2015 BCHI State Board of Directors (SBD) meeting was called to order at 8:35 by State Chairperson Bob Savage in Pocatello, ID, with the Pledge of Allegiance. Barry Cellan, Portneuf River, introduced Guest Debbie Tiller of the USDA FS.

State Secretary, Debbie Samovar conducted the Roll Call of State Directors present. All chapters were represented except Cache Peak. Minutes from the last Directors Meeting in April 2015 were read. Terry Steiner, Priest River, made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley 2nd. Motion passed.

State Treasurer, Kay Ryan reported that for the period March 2015 through August 2015 we started with $64,465.48. We took in this period $25,463.37; we spent this period ($21,795.41), and now have $68,133.44 in total assets, with $67,505.83 in money market account and $627.61 checking account. New signature cards were created with the change in officers. For this period we earned $33.33 in interest which was credited to the legal and endowment funds. Changes were requested on our bond to reflect the new officers. Additionally, we will need to reconsider the bond at the March convention. We need to create some guidelines as to what we reimburse to our National Directors. Need to discuss dues increase. With the continually rise in print costs for the calendars and the charges for overs, Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, made a motion that we only print 1900 for the 2017 calendars provided that the price is not more than the 2000 price. Terry Steiner 2nd, Motion PASSED.
Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, made a motion we accept the treasurer’s report, Joe Brinkman, Eagle Rock 2nd, motion PASSED.

Long Range Financial Strategy – Brandon Breaux, Boise, reported that he spoke with Edward Jones, saying we had $10,000 - $20,000 to invest and got 2 options: 1) 10 year CD at 3%, no risk, $5,000 minimum. Can access when needed with no fees. 2) Low Risk Packages at 7%, no minimum amount. If you can’t leave it in for 3 years then it’s not worth doing. Comments and suggestions were that we have multiple CDs and layer due dates; need to separate budget from discretionary funds and set aside 3 years of operational funds; invest half of our calendar income. Raenette Didier, North Central, said the treasurer needs to show a 3 year operating budget, that we can use to discuss what to do with the $15,000 excess. Raenette made a motion that this board set aside 3 years, $45,000, for operations, Sam Duncan, Palouse, 2nd, motion PASSED. Kay will redo the spreadsheet to reflect a 3 year budget. Additional comments were: put Legal/Endowment Funds into CD; invest what we don’t need in the next 12 months; need a long range vision plan. Wayne Nishek Selkirk Valley. Salmon River, made a motion that we take $45,000 plus the $5,000 Legal/Endowment Funds and invest, Brandon Breaux, Boise, 2nd.  21 YEA’s, 3 NO’s motion PASSED.            
An Ad Hoc Committee to determine how to invest the funds was created. Members are Brandon Breaux, Boise, Raenette Didier, North Central and Sam Duncan, Palouse.
State Directors are to present proposals on what we need to cover in our budget and forward to Brandon Breaux by November 15, 2015.

Volunteer Hours Training – Raenette Didier, North Central and Karen Kimball, Panhandle, sent out an e-mail asking everyone to bring copies of pages 4-7 of the BCHA Volunteer Hours Reporting Guidelines (See Attachment #1) and from the Vol_form_excell.xls, - three copies of the form that you open on the tab marked Project (1) (See Attachment #2) and one copy of the form that you open on the tab marked Summary Sheet (See Attachment #3) and. Both Guidelines and Volunteer Forms can be found at At the meeting they passed out some project scenarios for everyone to practice on how to fill out the forms. They emphasized the need for each trail boss to take these to every project and use the guidelines to help fill out the Project form. When you’ve completed all your projects for the year your chapter will need to take the totals from each project and put them on the Summary Sheet and send it to the Vice Chair by January 1st. The chapter summary sheets will then be put into the Totals Sheet (See Attachment #4) and sent to BCHA. If any chapter needs assistant with filling out the forms you can contact Raenette or Karen.
Evacuation Plan – Barry Cellan, President, Portneuf River, showed a video that talked about how their chapter has gone out and contacted each of the law enforcement agencies in the counties their chapter covers, letting them know that they are an additional resource for the evacuation of large animals in an emergency. He showed a video and had samples of a Contact Letter (See Attachment #5) and of the Report of Rescued Animal Form (See Attachment #6) they use. Debbie Samovar, Panhandle, shared how Emergency Animal Rescue in San Diego handles evacuations, personnel and working with local agencies. Barry suggested that each chapter work out an evacuation plan.

Chairman’s Report – Bob Savage stated that he sent out a letter of support for the Wenaha-Tucannon Maintenance and a letter of comment on the National Saw Policy Program.

Education Chair Report - Marybeth Conger, Squaw Butte, gave Bonnie Fox, Treasure Valley, a fleece throw in appreciation of all her work during the past two years as the Education Chair. Marybeth reported that 12 of the 16 chapters have an Education Chair and appealed to directors to help in reinforcing with their chapters that she is here to help. She is looking at having an LNT Master in each chapter and getting the training for those chapters who don’t have a master. The Defensive Horsemanship video is online and we need to be recertified every three years. She plans to update the Chapter level job description, develop understanding and identify future needs, work with the two new chapters, compile a list of state members who will mentor. Also need to update the website with the latest information, along with the Education and Public Relations section of the BCHI Planning Guide. (See Attachment #7)

Broomtales Report – Lorelei Hamon, Editor, talked about the issue of free classified ads for members and how do we treat ads from members. After discussion of what a classified ad is, it was decided to add the words “personal” and “non-business/service related”.  Articles are due Oct. 14th. If you could send your articles as you write them, Lorelei can have back up and not have to beg for them. On the complimentary issues sent to agencies, contact Debbie Samovar as they change in your area.

National Directors’ Reports - Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, reported that the BCHA name and logo have been trademarked and you will now see the ® symbol. Estate Planning for donations when someone dies is still in the works as each state has it own laws on how that works. Jim McGarvy is the interim executive director until they can hire someone. You can now subscribe to BCHA for $5/month. We have over 14,000 members, if 20% were to subscribe, we could take in $168,000/year. Currently, the “Begging Letter” brings in $50,000 - $60,000. Our Facebook gets out to 40,000 people. The FS wants BCH to have certified saw trainers at no charge, but we would need to pay for 1st aid and CPR. WA and OR are self certifying organizations. The chairman monthly conference calls with the states is still ongoing. There’s a national organization in UT that is pushing for selling public lands. Not much action at the present, but we need to do a big push to keep it from happening. It was asked that the national directors send out info from BCHA to members. A DVD was made by Montana on packing with kids in the Bob Marshall. A copy was given to each chapter.

BCHI Website - Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, Looking for a new website coordinator, don’t need to be a director. Each chapter needs to send in a minimum of one project a year. Make sure to list locations and agencies worked with. This so the public knows what we are doing. Also include your education events. There was talk about adding a PayPal button for donations, at $20/month it was determined to not be economical. It was discussed that we put a form online for donations to the Endowment Fund. The activities page is not being used. Please list any public events that your chapter is organizing and your meetings. It was suggested that we post pictures and bios of our officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasure and Editor) on the website. Sam Duncan, Palouse so moved, Wayne Nishek Selkirk Valley, Salmon River, 2nd, PASSED.

Public Lands Report – North - Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, said we got a reply from George Bain, Regional Forester, that decisions regarding stock reside with the forest supervisor and/or district ranger. So we need to keep in touch with the contacts in our area.There have been reductions and dropped stock program in region 1 (See Attachment #8). Maybe BCHI should go in and train FS personal.  SOPA’s come out in October, so check your area at
The Federal Register, any activity that affects government agencies is legally required to be listed on the Federal Register. This is the best place to find out about proposals in the scoping level. There are new listings almost daily, so look at it often. Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail will have their first meeting on Oct 14th in Sandpoint. Trail starts at Glacier NP and ends at the Pacific Ocean. Jim Michaud, Idaho is on the advisor board representing stock. WA BCH does an annual statewide project each year. They are partnering with OR for the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness. So do we want to join them? It’s about 50 miles from Lewiston. We should tip our hats to the persistence of Congressman Simpson and the Idaho delegation for getting the Boulder White Clouds Wilderness bill signed.  

Public Lands Report – South - Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, reported the Owyhee Initiative has a new executive director who will work directly with the BLM and the area is closed to grazing. The Boulder White Clouds bill finally became a wilderness with the help of Congressman Simpson. Phil will write a letter of Thank You for Bob’s signature. The National Trails Bill has passed from the House in to the Senate, see list of supporters (See Attachment #9 ). The fire suppression bill is still being pushed. Sally Ferguson of the Selway Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation wants to see the wilderness Working Group restarted. Challis Forest wants one BCHI contact to disseminate the projects.

Ways & Means – The 2016 calendars are in. 210 overs will be kept by Brandon Breaux, Boise, for distribution in the south, with 50 overs being kept by Karen Kimball, Panhandle, for northern distribution. It was asked if there’s a copy right on the calendar and photos, and can we sell the photos for extra income. We will add a common law copy right on the 2017 calendar and include a line in the photo submission form that the photos become the property of BCHI once submitted. Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, will see about selling our photos to the stock photo warehouses. It was suggested that maybe we make a video we can sell. Montana has a “Who We Are” video that we can use, just need to swap out their photos with ours.

Idaho Horse Council – Raenette Didier, North Central, I was not able to attend the January Idaho Horse Council (IHC) meeting and the summer meeting was cancelled, so I do not have a report except to announce the following dates.  Nov 21, 2015, IHC Annual Meeting at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa.  BCHI needs members to become IHC Directors.  All new Directors representing an equine organization must get introduced & voted in at this meeting. Dec 01 2015, Deadline for Idaho Horse Board grants.  All BCH chapters are eligible to apply.  Applications are on the Idaho Horse Board website. Feb 25, 2016, IHC Educational Scholarship applications are due to the IHC Office.  Open to all Idaho students who demonstrate involvement with the horse industry in any fashion.  A $1500.00 scholarship is available for graduating high school students and college students who have graduated from an Idaho High School.  Application forms are available on the IHC website. Apr 15-16-17, 2016, Idaho Horse Expo at the Ford Idaho Center.

Sportsman’s Caucus – Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, reported that the Idaho Sportsmen’s Caucus Advisory Council doesn’t meet in the summer. Next scheduled meeting is in October. Only new item is a purposed organization name change to “Idaho Sportsmen’s Alliance”, so as to get others involved. The ID Dept of Lands received a request to lease state endowment lands for private use. The legislature meets in November. Jerry Shriner, Panhandle, made a motion that we write a letter stating we’re not for it. Karen Kimball, Panhandle, 2nd, motion PASSED. Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, will compose for the Chairman.

International Report – Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, reported that the South Korean Forest Service visited with the Squaw Butte Chapter this summer to see firsthand the trails in Idaho. They only have 2 trails in their country and want to build 10 more with an $8,000,000 budget. Full details will be in the October Broomtales. Additionally a Japanese TV crew wanted Squaw Butte to guide them into the Franck Church Wilderness to film the location of last years kidnapped girls rescued by the FBI. The said that they would not disturb any evidence or harm any crops. With one day’s notice, it didn’t happen.

Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association – Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, meet with Grant Simmons, IOGA’s past executive director and they don’t have a way to reciprocate association with in their organization. So he’ll take it back to their board.

March 2016 Convention   – Terry Steiner, Priest River reported the convention would be March 11/12, 2016at the Priest River Event Center, 5399 Highway 2, Priest River. The theme is Cowboys and Lawmen. Chapter members will be identified by sheriff badge name tags and there will be some 'arresting' going on, so be prepared. They are working on a comprehensive list of available rooms with rates. There is a hotel in Priest River (the Eagle Nest) a couple blocks from the convention center with about 25 rooms and rates from $69-$79. There is also a hotel in Newport (5 miles away), at Priest Lake (25 miles) and Sandpoint (25 miles). Registration fee is expected to be $60 which includes Saturday night dinner and snacks. On site lunches will be available for a nominal charge, or there are several local establishments within walking distance. We will have a no-host bar serving beer, wine, and spirits Saturday during the social hour. Other activities include silent auctions, live auction, photo contest and chapter display contest.

American Competitive Trail Horse Association – Barry Cellan, Portneuf River, talked about the ACTHA and that they are looking to develop a circuit in Idaho. Events can be 6-8 miles in the mountains or in an arena, and they provide the insurance. The Portneuf River chapter hosted an event this past summer and received $40 from every $58 entry fee. Barry encouraged other chapters to look into hosting an event.

BCHI Trailer Decals – Debbie Samovar, Panhandle, got a call from Twin Rivers on where the state gets their decals. As the state is out of inventory, pricing was gotten from Designer Decal who does the BCHA decals. They use a 4 mil white vinyl with a 1 mil clear Mylar laminate that are outdoor durable for several years. Another option would be magnetic signs. Panhandle does this with Magnets on the Cheap, who use a 30 mil white vinyl that will last up to 3 years. The following prices include shipping and there is no sales tax.









12" Square

12" Circle


12" Square

12" Circle



1475 = 2.95 ea

1595 = 3.19 ea


3015 = 6.03 ea

3140 = 6.28 ea



2590 = 2.59 ea

2740 = 2.74 ea


5270 = 5.27 ea

5420 = 5.42 ea








1145.57 = 2.29 ea






2149.17 = 2.15 ea




Chapters are to determine if they want to do this and if so, what kind and how many.

Sponsorship Letter - Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, discussed a letter drafted by Terry Steiner in 2004 for that we could put on the website and use to solicit sponsors and benefactors, with the money going into the Endowment Fund, as the PayPal donation button on the Foundation page never got set up. It was asked what the fund was for and Kay said it was for having an amount of money that would bear enough interest which we could use in our budget with a 2/3 vote of the board.
Dues Increase – Bob Savage, Chairman asked if we wanted to discuss an increase. The National dues went up $5.00 in 2012 and the State has been covering the increase out of the calendar sales. Terry Steiner, Priest River, made a motion to raise both the single and family dues by $5, Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, 2nd. 23 YEA’s 1 NAY, motion PASSED. This will make the 2016 dues $20/single and $30/family. The Dec 2015 bill for chapter dues will not reflect the increase. The proposed dues increase will be voted on at the next convention by the delegates.

Adjourn – Motion made, seconded, adjourned at 4:56.

Respectfully Submitted, Debbie Samovar, Secretary, 208-245-3041,    

2015 BCHI State Board of Directors Meeting
April 10, 2015 Minutes
Hosted by Heartland BCH in McCall, Idaho

The April 10, 2015 BCHI State Board of Directors (SBD) meeting was called to order at 8:30 by State Chairperson Karen Kimball in McCall, ID, with the Pledge of Allegiance.

State Secretary, Debbie Samovar conducted the Roll Call of State Directors present. All chapters were represented except Sawtooth. Minutes from the last Directors Meeting in September 2014 were read. Cindy Walker sent an e-mail requesting the addition of her concerns which were made in regards to the Convention being held in April; “Cindy Walker from Salmon River BCH did not agree with the change in the (convention) meeting date as it would limit the number of delegates able to attend from Salmon due to a conflict with a major annual community event of which SRBCH participates in. Salmon typically has 8 delegates in attendance.  Additionally, the move to the April date did not allow adequate time between the state meeting and the national meeting.” Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley, made a motion to accept the minutes with the addition, Robbin Schindele 2nd. Motion passed.

State Treasurer, Kay Ryan reported that for the period September 2014 through February 2015 we started with $66,686.77. We took in this period $24,995.35, we spent this period ($27,216.64), and now have $64,465.48 in total assets, with $56,472.50 money market account and $ 7,992.98 checking account. The State’s only source of income are the state dues and the calendar sales. Of the $11,505 received by the state from chapter dues, $9,342 went to BCHA leaving only $2,163 for the state. We decided not to raise state dues as we have money from the calendars.
Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte asked if we could raise dues now. This needs to be brought to the delegates in 2016.  Bob Savage, Priest River, made a motion that this be discussed at the next SBD meeting. Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley 2nd, motion PASSED.
Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, asked if any of the chapters have taken advantage of the $200/chapter from the Advertising for Expansion budgeted line for placemats? Kay said no. Arleen MacKinnon, Selkirk Valley, asked if unused funds roll over, Kay responded that it’s a line item to charge the expense to. Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley, said we should remind our chapters that the money is available. Karen Ambrose, High Desert, so moved, Geoff Loris, Portneuf River, 2nd, motion PASSED. It was discovered after the convention that Karen was not a Director, so the motion was made null and void.  The SDB made a motion last year, which passed, stating that the chapters can each use the money that was set aside. Thus another motion was not needed.
We have 117 calendars that could be sold or $2,340 on the table if not sold.
Bob Savage, Priest River made a motion we accept the treasure’s report and proposed budget, Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley 2nd, motion PASSED.

Introduce Portneuf River BCH - Karen Kimball introduced President Barry Cellan and Director Rich Bingham, stating that Portneuf River in Pocatello has completed all requirements and will receive their charter as a chapter of BCHI tomorrow at the convention.

Review 2001 Long Range Planning Documents – Raenette Didier, North Central, has been going through the BCHI historical files to update the Historical Report that was previously completed covering the years from our beginning in 1985 to 2004 & to add the past ten years.  While working on this update she came across documents that she felt were invaluable for the Board to see. Most importantly is a Back Country Horsemen of Idaho Organization Guide (see Attachment #1).  Work was started on this manual in 2001 & completed in 2003 by the State Board of Directors at that time.  Of those Directors, only about six remain on the board today.  BCHI has remained as a viable organization for 30 years.  Raenette believes it is the responsibility of the current Board to not let the organizational memory be lost. Raenette gave each Director a copy of the Guide that was approved by the Board in 2003 and asked that Directors spend some time reviewing this document after the meeting and commit to this subject as an agenda item for the September SBD meeting.
She also passed out a sheet, BCHI Organizational & Financial Plan Documents, showing the timeline of decisions made that built the organizational premise that we still use today (see Attachment #2); a copy of the resolution concerning BCHI establishing a Legal Defense Fund (see Attachment #3) and a copy of the Foundation’s Trailhead Maintenance Grant with Litehouse, Inc. (see Attachment #4). It’s easy to get a grant, follow the example of the Litehouse Grant. You can leverage money from the Foundation to get grants from the Forest Service. Mountain Manners was produced this way. It was suggested that we create an archive and put it on our website with a password gateway.

Resolution Regarding Calendar Revenue – Debbie Samovar, Calendar Coordinator, Panhandle, recapped the rebuttal letter she sent out to the directors, concerning the costs of doing business and legal action, plus previous action that gave more money back to the chapters resulting in a loss. Brandon Breaux, Boise, said the resolution came about as the state never presented a plan for the calendar money. He talked to other chapters, some agreed, some didn’t need the extra money and other said an increase would not prompt them to sell more.
 Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, said BCHI is built from the ground up. The chapters send dues to the state; the state sends dues to national. It was never intended for the state to send monies to the chapters. Fred Genzmer, Cache Peak, agreed. Linda Beraldi, Portneuf River, said we should lower the sale price to make it easier to sell and save by lowering the prize money. Arleen MacKinnon, Selkirk Valley, agreed. Gary Kalmbach, North Central, said if we give more back, our treasury will decrease. Bub Latta, Palouse, said to vote yes, if they heard our comments, they’d vote no.  A yes vote will give 50% back; a no vote makes no change. A vote by directors was taken, 10 Yea, 20 No, FAILED. Resolution will go to the delegates and it will be announced that the state directors recommend a no vote on the resolution (see Attachment #5).
Resolution Regarding BCHI State Funds - Scott Nichols, President, Boise, said that resolution came about as the state has no established plan on what we do with our funds and just wanted to look at other options as to what we can do with our money to make more than just interest. The resolution says acquire independently prepared report, Palouse doesn’t want to pay a financial consultant; the financial institutions do not charge to look over your account. The resolution calls for establishing a BCHI Trust Fund, it was pointed out that we need access to our funds and that bank accounts are 100% FDIC protected. Raenette Didier, North Central, pointed out that it is the SBD’s duty to take care of the financial responsibilities.  It was asked what we are voting on “BCHI shall, within 120 days, acquire and distribute an independently prepared report that evaluates the long term financial strategies for the BCHI to most efficiently accomplish its mission and goals including an evaluation of the cost, benefit, and risks associated with establishing a BCHI Trust Fund.” A yes vote means we use an independent consultant and create a Trust Fund. A vote by directors was taken, 6 Yea, 24 No, FAILED. Resolution will go to the delegates and it will be announced that the state directors recommend a no vote on the resolution (see Attachment #6). Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, pointed out that what Boise presented let us know that we need to do some planning.
A committee was formed consisting of Brandon Breaux, Boise; Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte; Jerry Shriner, Panhandle; Rod Parks, Twin Rivers and Bob Savage. Priest River. They will gather information and bring it to the September 2015 SBD’s meeting.

Idaho Outfitters and Guides Non-Affiliated Membership Status - Brandon Breaux, Boise, thinks we should work closer with the IOGA and give them membership so as to aid in us partnering with them. Raenette Didier, North Central, said this was something to be approved by the SBD and not the delegates. Additionally, the non-affiliated membership was not set up for organizations that had its’ own chapters. If we want to do something with them we need to draw up a partnership agreement. Brandon said that we need to be an associate of them to get their newsletter and vise versa. For them to get Broomtales, we just need the names and addresses of all their chapters. Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, knows Grant Simmons, IOGA’s past executive and will get with him to research this and will report back at the next SBD’s meeting. Resolution was tabled (see Attachment #7).

Resolution of The State Directors of the Backcountry Horsemen of Idaho – This resolution was passed by the SBD at the September 2014 meeting and needs to be brought forth to the delegates (see Attachment #8).

Resolution Submissions - Joe Brinkman, Eagle Rock, said that when resolutions are submitted they need to come with more info on the reasoning behind them before sending out to the chapters.

Directors’ Training - Raenette Didier, North Central, reminded Directors that a commitment had been made several years ago to adopt a Director's Training model & commit time at the SBD meeting at the beginning of each new year. This will provide information & a guideline for new Directors coming onto the Board, as well as a review for Directors that have served previously. She focused this years training on the duties of the directors. Directors are to be the liaison between the chapter, local land management and the Board of Directors.  You need to contact the chairperson if a director or alt can’t make a meeting. If you’re not there, then your chapter has to go with the decisions that the Board makes. We are chapters, meaning we are a multi-level organization. Advise the Chair, don’t be afraid to call. Send info and items of interest to Broomtales. Promote education, public events with stock need insurance. Directors are responsible for making sure their chapter is tracking their chapter’s volunteer hours, submitting them and your chapters’ year end report to the Vice-Chair. Be on a SBD committee. Ensure any monies due to the State from your chapter are paid.  BE PREPARED - read your mail (electronic & paper), read your minutes, attend meetings and arrive on time, must complete agenda. Majority rules. Stick to our Mission Statement. (Manual can be found at

Education Chair Report – Marybeth Conger reported that Nine Mile Training has classes coming up teaching traditional packing, dutch oven cooking and other skills. It’s about a 2 year out process to get the training. You can get a grant from the Foundation to get an LNT Trainer. Info is on the website. Education Chair will check into updates on our LNT info/brochures. (Training classes info at

Broomtales Report - Karen Kimball, Chair, reported that the word “Foundation” needs to be on the Return Address panel in order for us to get the non-profit mailing rate. Please send articles.

National Directors’ Reports
Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, reported that Jim McGarvey, BCHA National Chairman is working with staff on Capital Hill. Marketing is working so as not to need to do beg-athons. They are still working on setting up Gifting to BCHA through estate planning. Michigan and Mississippi will be new State Chapters and Saratoga, NY will be an affiliate on April 24th. National Trails Symposium will be in Portland, OR in May. Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, Virginia, supervisor wants to close 200 miles of trails because they are user created, but have been in use for over 200 years. Asked why stock is being cut from FS, its partially because younger staff and rangers don’t know how to handle stock. The Oregon State Chair has monthly conference calls with chapter presidents. Trying to get RACK funds reinstated. States want to take over Federal lands. $1000 Education Grants have been created from monies raised from the CrowdFunding. They’re easy to get. The domain name became available so it was purchased and is now the new website link. The old one still works. Working on creating a website content committee.
Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, reported that BCHA is in the process of getting new BCHA logo trademarked, it’s a complicated process. Plus setting up a use policy. Randy Rasmussen, Advisor for Public Lands & Recreation has been made a full time employee. Looking at getting a line of credit using the legal fund so as not to have to pay up front to restock the BCHA Country Store with logo branded apparel available on the BCHA website. The IRS has simplified applying for 501 (c) 3 for organizations that receive less than $50,000. Can be done online and costs $200-$850.There are five $1000 grants for education, applications are online and easy to fill out.

BCHA Public Lands Committee - Trail Budget continuing to decline. Region 1 has seen 28% reduction since 2011. In the northwest about 10-22% is going to the ground depending on areas. 
Establishing a State Lands Committee to assist state with local issues on state land. Use the BCHA Website, to keep up to date on any new issues. Go to Current Alerts-BCHA News. H.R. 845 – The National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act . Hoping to have a companion bill in the senate soon.  Rep. Labrador and Simpson have signed on as supporters.
HR 167 Wildfire Disaster Funding Act, introduced by Rep. Simpson. This bill, similar to FEMA for getting money out of the government, amends the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985 to require specified adjustments to discretionary spending limits in FY2015-FY2022 to accommodate appropriations for wildfire suppression operations in the Wildland Fire Management accounts at the Department of Agriculture (USDA) or the Department of the Interior.
If USDA or Dept of Interior determines that supplemental appropriations are necessary for wildfire suppression operations, the bill requires the relevant department to submit to Congress a request for the funding and a plan for obligating the funds. The bill also requires the President's budget to include the average costs for wildfire suppression over the previous 10 years.

Montana Conservation Corps - Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, reported that MCC is a nonprofit organization that empowers youth and young adults through hands-on conservation service and education. Each season we enroll over 200 young adults from across the country, age 18 and up, in our AmeriCorps program, and more than 100 local teens, ages 15 to 17, in our Youth Service Expedition program. Our members live, learn and serve together, in crews of six to eight members, in some of our country’s wildest places. They complete conservation projects in local communities, national forests, state and national parks, wildlife refuges and federally designated wilderness areas. Participants receive the experience of a lifetime through challenging projects and the rigors of camp life, coupled with education aimed at creating engaged citizens and lifelong environmental stewards. All of these factors create an ideal situation for personal growth that leads to increased confidence, communication and leadership skills, and the ability to work well with people from all walks of life. 
The cost of a ten person crew for seven days is $9,000. In 2013 they completed 200 projects and constructed or maintained 1075 miles of trail. Most all funding comes from Americorp Grants. It was suggested that BCHI donate $1,000 to Montana Conservation Corps. The opinion was that a donation would be better utilized by donating to the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation. No decision was made to donate.

Wenaha-Tucannon Maintenance - Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, reported that Dave Price drafted a bill to get maintenance on the trail and is asking us to send a letter of support. Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, made a motion to send letter, which was rescinded, as none of the directors and officers were familiar with this issue it was requested that copies of the bill be made and passed out for review before voting. A break was taken for review. Bob Savage, Priest River, made a motion to send a letter, Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley 2nd. A vote by directors was taken, 30 Yea, 0 No, PASSED (see Attachment 9).

Public Lands Report – South - Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, reported on H.R. 845 – The National Forest System Trails Stewardship Act. Neither Crapo nor Risch have signed on yet, so before the bill gets sent to the Senate, we need to call them and let them know that they need to support this bill (full copy of the bill can be found at There are 35 organizational supporters and 23 congressional co-sponsors. BCH has sent letter from 25 states, 2 affiliates and 4 potential new states. The Owyhee Initiative 5 year report is out. We’ve done our part, just waiting on BLM.

Public Lands Report – North - Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, reported that each chapter needs to check the SOPA’s in their area quarterly by going to It’s important to get involved and respond at the Scoping stage; otherwise no appeals can be done. BLM is starting Travel Management Plans (TMP).  It is important to make sure roads you know in your area are listed on maps for the TMP as after the plan is finalized, only routes on the maps will be open for use (See Attachment #10).

Ways & Means – Arleen MacKinnon, Selkirk Valley, reported that 1950 of the 2015 calendars were distributed, of which chapters need to pay for.
So there is no confusion on the quantity of 2016 Calendars that each chapter has committed to take, a roll call by chapter was taken:  
Boise – 40                   Cache Peak – 75         Eagle Rock – 40          Heartland – 80           High Desert – 150 
North Central – 200    Palouse – 150              Panhandle – 150         Portneuf River – 20    Priest River - 80 
Salmon River – 50      Sawtooth – 0      Selkirk Valley – 20     Squaw Butte – 250     Treasure Valley – 175 
Twin River – 350       Total commitment of 1830, leaving 170 calendars, plus any printing overs, unspoken for.

Debbie Samovar, Panhandle, reported that printing would be $8,328, up 3% from last year due to paper costs. Negotiated with printer that our overs would only be +/- 5% and not the standard 10%. The projected delivery date is the end of June, beginning of July. Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, said he’d like to get more people from around the state to participate in the photo selection and suggested that a committee be formed and the photos be uploaded into Picasa for reviewing. Debbie will upload the photos and Robbin will get a committee together.

Review of the Financial Books – Karen Parks reported that the State’s accounting was looked over. There were a few errors which the treasure fixed. Books were deemed OK.

Idaho Horse Council – Raenette Didier, North Central, reported that the State Vet has requested that the Idaho Horse Council (IHC) get behind the current proposed MOU with Oregon, Washington & Idaho regarding Coggins testing among the three states.  No positive cases of EIA have been identified in the three states within the preceding ten (10) years.  This would exempt moving equines between the three states from certain EIA testing requirements. Steve Taylor, IHC President is in agreement (See Attachment #11). Repeal of Historical Horse Racing.  Those who want the bill repealed say it is illegal.  The IHC supports Historical Racing & stands on the premise that Historical Racing is pari-mutuel and fits the legal definition by Idaho Code.  More information is on the IHC website. Idaho Horse Expo, April 17-18-19.  On the IHC website you can view the events for each of the arenas, who the Clinician for Expo 2015 is, information on the Blue Ribbon Private Treaty Horse Sale, the Cowboy Race, the $1,000.00 Breed Challenge & new to the Expo this year, a Jump Clinic. A link to the IHC website is on our BCHI website; go to the 'Links' tab.

Sportsman’s Caucus – Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, reported that on House bill HJM 005, Boulder White Clouds, no one has seen the language on it. The Land Owner Appreciation Permits is a plan to give land owners of large amounts of land one tag each of large game, deer, elk, etc, without restrictions. Then the owner could turn around and sell them to someone else.  Senator Crapo has signed on to a bill looking to sell state land without public input. Phil also went over 2015 ID Legislative Bills Status (See Attachment #12).

BCHI End of Year Chapter Reports & Volunteer Hours - Karen Kimball, Chairperson noted that reports were not in for Boise, Cache Peak, Palouse and Sawtooth. Chapters must send their info in by Jan1st. This should be done before Christmas when your chapter is not working. As reports are not in it makes our totals look bad. Hours in 2012 valued at $461,812.52; in 2013 $665,075.60 and 2014 is only showing $432,134.64.

Election of State Officers - Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, reported the following candidates for election:
Otho (Bob) Savage, Priest River, for State Chair; Brandon Breaux, Boise, for Vice Chair; Cindy Walker, Salmon River, for National Director. There was no candidate for Alt National Director. Terry Steiner, Priest River, said he would continue in the position if no one came forward. Phil Ryan said he would take the position. Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, made a motion to close nominations and cast a unanimous ballot for the slate of officers presented. Joe Brinkman, Eagle Rock, 2nd, Motion PASSED. The new Chairman and Vice-Chair will serve for the 2015-2016 Fiscal Year and the new National Director and Alternate Director will server for the 2015-2017 Fiscal Years.  Karen Kimball announced the appointments of Kay Ryan for Treasurer, Debbie Samovar for Secretary and Marybeth Conger for Education Chair.

Next 2015 SBD Meeting - Portneuf River has volunteered to host it in Pocatello on Saturday, September 26th. Barry Cellan said they were planning on including riding opportunities on the days before and/or after the meeting. More info to come.

March 2016 Convention  - Keeping with the rotation schedule we have in place, Priest River Valley will be the host.

Chairperson Wrap Up – Karen Kimball thanked Heartland for all the work. It was asked who was going to manage the Wireless Microphone System, Bob Savage said he would.

Adjourn – Motion made, seconded, adjourned at 5:10.

Respectfully Submitted, Debbie Samovar, Secretary,      


2015 BCHI State Convention Business Meeting
April 11, 2015, Hosted by Heartland BCH in McCall, ID

State Chairperson, Karen Kimball called the BCHI business portion of the Convention to order at 8:53. Passing the mic to Convention Director Robert Wagner, Heartland, who introduced the Color Guard from American Legion Post #119 with Commander Rick Morrison, Derek Williamson, Penny Williamson, Dick Porter and Wiley McAtee. State Secretary, Debbie Samovar, took a roll call of the chapters. The chapter's voting delegates were also declared.  All chapters were present with the exception of Sawtooth.

State Treasurer, Kay Ryan gave the BCHI Finance Report.  There was a balance $$59,299.38 at the beginning for March 2014, we had income of $57,817.38, expenses of ($52,651.26) leaving a balance of $64,465.48 at the end of February 2015. The 2014 calendars are estimated to produce $13,200 of additional income.  Of the chapter dues $15 of the $15 single membership dues goes to National along with $18 of the $25 family memberships.

Resolution Regarding Calendar Revenue – Scott Nichols, Boise, presented the proposal. Discussion from the floor followed. Delegate Vote: 7-Yes,  72-No. Resolution Failed.

Resolution Regarding BCHI State Funds – Scott Nichols, Boise, presented the proposal. Discussion from the floor followed. Delegate Vote: 7-Yes,  72-No. Resolution Failed.

Resolution for Idaho Outfitters and Guides Non-Affiliated Membership Status – Scott Nichols, Boise, presented the proposal. Discussion from the floor followed, tabled to September SBD meeting.

Resolution to Amend By-Laws to Allow for Special Meetings – Karen Kimball, Chairperson presented the proposal. Discussion from the floor followed. Delegate Vote: 67-Yes,  12-No. Resolution Passed.

Charters Presented – Karen Kimball, Chairperson presented Chapter Charters to Palouse BCHI of Moscow and Portneuf River of Pocatello.

Folding Mounting Stand – Aline Brinkman, Eagle Rock, demonstrated a mounting stand that she designed.

Foundation Report – Karen Parks, Twin Rivers, reported they had a balance forward from 3/15/14 of $4,282.54. Received a cash donation of $100.00 and payroll donations of $380, and gave out $250 from the Litehouse Grant.
Ambassador Program                          $0,935.74
Litehouse Donation Balance               $0,692.45
BCHI Foundation Balance                 $2,784.19
Checking Account balance                 $4,792.38
The Ambassador Program set aside $500 for a chapter to use to send someone to Nine Mile for LNT training. Other funds are available for educational needs. They are still looking on ways for people to donate online. Alice Millington is the new Secretary/Treasurer. Additionally, a Foundation Director can not be a Chapter’s State Director.

Sally Ferguson – Executive Director of the Selway-Bitterroot/Frank Church Foundation talked about their mission to connect with citizens and communities to assist in the stewardship of the wilderness. They are Boots on the Ground organization that also provides a Wilderness Ranger Internship Training. They do face-to-face development with people and agencies on projects and 80% of funding goes back on the ground.
Project Manager Brendon Casey spoke on some of their past and upcoming projects. Said we could go online and see what trails are scheduled to be worked on and projects done by partners. We need to coordinate our work with theirs.
BCHI 2015 Officers – Karen Kimball, State Chairperson introduced the BCHI Officers & Committee Chairs.
Chairman – Bob Savage, Vice Chairman – Brandon Breaux, Secretary – Debbie Samovar, Treasurer – Kay Ryan.  Phil Ryan, Public Lands South,  Rod Parks, Public Lands North, Education Chair – Marybeth Conger,  Ways & Means Chair – Brandon Breaux, National Directors Robbin Schindele & Cindy Walker, Alternate National Director – Phil Ryan.

Past Chairperson, Phil Ryan, presented Karen Kimball with the State Chairperson pin in appreciation of all her work for BCHI and for serving as our State Chairperson.

Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, showed a sign saying Volunteer Trail Crew Ahead. It’s designed like the realtor lawn signs and printed on both sides and can be customized for chapters.

The BCHI Business Meeting ended at 11:15 and Karen Kimball turned the Convention back to the Heartland Chapter and thanked them for all there hard work.

Respectfully Submitted, Debbie Samovar, Secretary,       



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