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September 17 2016 [Minutes only]
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March 12 2016


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2016 BCHI State Board of Directors Meeting
September 17, 2016 Minutes
Hosted by Twin Rivers BCH in Lewiston, Idaho

The September 17, 2016 BCHI State Board of Directors (SBD) meeting was called to order at 8:10 by State Chairperson Bob Savage in Lewiston, ID.

State Secretary, Debbie Samovar conducted the Roll Call of State Directors present. All chapters were represented except Cache Peak, Eagle Rock and Portneuf River, with Treasure Valley leaving at lunch. Minutes from the last Directors Meeting of March 11 were read. Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley, made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Gay Hood, High Desert 2nd, Motion PASSED.

State Treasurer, Kay Ryan reported that for the period March 1, 2016 through August 31, 2016 we started with $61,279.91. We took in this period $29,670.79; we spent this period ($22,900.78), and now have $68,049.92 in total assets, with $17,525.623 in a money market account, $524.30 in checking and $50,000.00 in CD’s. Bond for the officers for the next 3 years was paid.  2016-2017 annual insurance premium was paid and we have a credit due to cancelled events. The IRS confirmed our EIN and John Millington is working on the paperwork for the 501(c)4 status. Sam Duncan, Palouse, made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s report, Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, 2nd, Motion PASSED.

Member Recognition – Bob recognized Val Johnson, one of our founding members and welcomed him and Sara to the meeting.

Memorial – Bob asked for a moment of silence in honor of former BCHI Chairman Mark Bogar. Raenette Didier, North Central, called Bob and suggested that we make a donation in the amount of $200 in Mark’s name to the Kids Camp that he was influential in organizing. Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, made a motion that BCHI make a donation of $200 to the Youth Camp, Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, 2nd, Motion         PASSED. After lunch Rod presented a check to Pat Bogar.

National Saw Policy – Bob is looking for information on what we need to do in respect to the policy. FS will have a Regional Director that will direct all the saw policy rules and regulations and administer everything. As an organization we need to jump in and be up front with this. We have an opportunity to have some trainers and if anyone is interested we should support them and pay for their travel and expenses. The question was asked if we have a Cost Share Agreement with the FS are we required to have this training? Yes, and it will get more strict as to how you get certified and you will have to be certified to saw on any public lands on BCH work projects. Everyone will have to be certified, Cost Share, Volunteers. This includes both chainsaws and cross saws. Only those using the saws will need to be certified. Phil Ryan was the only certified person at the meeting. Part of the NFSTSA Bill will require standardized training for chainsaw and cross saws across the nation. So the FS has done this. In the summer time their tree fallers are on fires and are not available to teach, so we need to get certified and teach from there. We have until July 19, 2017 to get everyone up to speed on everything. Doug Olive, a FS employee, is in the Twin Rivers area is qualified and if chapters have someone who is qualified we need to put pressure on them to teach others in their chapter. The information for the saw policy is there and you have to dig deep on the FS site and it does tell you what you have to do in various situations.

     Marybeth Conger, Squaw Butte, said this is an Education item. We have a member in the north who is willing to get certified and train others, along with Bill Conger who is in the south. Start with them and reimburse them if there is any cost for travel or training and get that information out to our members and possibly go outside the organization and train others and generate some income. First Aid is also part of the certification. Marybeth Conger - we should set aside two spots for trainers. Rod Parks said to get a hold of your FS people in your area and ask them what we need to do to be ready before the next season. Marybeth Conger was appointed to organize this. (See the FS News Release at The Final Directive for National Saw Program can be found on the Federal Register at More information about the policy can be found at The Saw Operations Guide can be found at

National Director Special Election –Cindy Walker resigned and her term would have ended in 2017. Phil Ryan, as alternate, replaced her. Additionally, Robbin Schindele has moved to Oregon and gave his resignation via a phone call. Robbin’s term would have ended in 2018. Rod Parks has volunteered to be the Alternate until after the April National Directors meeting. Sam Duncan is willing to take on a two year term. There was a disagreement as to whether or not the National Direction must come from the SBD. Bill Conger, Val Johnson and Karen Kimball volunteered to review the By-Laws and the issue was tabled to after lunch. It was determined that the National Director DOES NOT have to be a member of the SBD. Karen Kimball made a motion to elect Sam Duncan, Palouse, for a one year term to end after the April 2018 National Annual Meeting, Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley, 2nd, Motion Passed. Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, will be a National Direction through the April 2017 National Annual Meeting. Billie Havens, Twin Rivers, made a motion to elect Rod Parks as the Alternate National Director until after the April 2017 National Annual Meeting, Gay Hood, High Desert, 2nd, motion Passed. At the March 2017 SBD meeting we will need to elect replacements for Phil and Rod.

Nominating Committee - Karen Kimball, Panhandle and Brandon Breaux, Boise have volunteered to canvas the membership for candidates for Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, National Directors, Alternate Director and see if the Treasurer and Secretary are willing to continue in their current positions.

Education Chair Report – Bob commented that he has heard Marybeth’s name mentioned on the conference calls from BCHA about the excellent job she has done. (See Attachment #1) Marybeth tried to present the video that Robbin Schindele has put together that we can to use to expand our organization, educating ourselves and the public about BCHI. Robbin will finish the ATV poster and the video.
    Marybeth has received many questions from the chapter regarding LNT Master Educator expectations and has made a list of the requirements as to what the Master Educator is to do. In the past we’ve had people complete training and then not do anything. They must teach two trainings and one public outreach for five years. (See Attachment #2) The LNT Master Educator classes are taken over several days at Ninemile in Huson, MT. (See Attachment #3) Marybeth feels that if she is going to organize that she is up to speed and wants to go. She has asked all the chapters the provide her with a list of all the Master Educators who are still interested in training and a list of  the trainers, thus far 4 chapters have responded. If any chapter has any education materials to please send her an electronic copy or mail if need be. She wants to get this information up on the web site for all chapters to share and use. Additionally, SBD and National Directors, pass any education info or materials onto her.
    The cost for the Master Educators should be about $700; there are only 12 spots available, so she wants to get the tuition in right away. Classes should be in May. Sam Duncan, Palouse, made a motion that we get the money to send Marybeth to attend LNT Training, Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley, 2nd. Sam amended motion to $700 plus expenses, motion PASSED.  Marybeth will also be applying to the Foundation to cover this, so maybe it won’t come out of the State’s budget. The course is taught by Casey Burns and BCH California is also certified to train Master Educator.
    Youth, the Girl Scouts Equestrian Badge is now back in place and this is a wonderful opportunity for chapters to reach out to their local Girl Scouts organizations and start setting up trainings. We should also be reaching out to our local 4-H and FFA groups.

Broomtales Report – Debbie Samovar reported that articles for the next issue are due Sept 28th. There was a discussion on going color like the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Wilderness newsletter. Asked for info from their printer and never got any pricing. Got quotes from the BCHA newsletter print, cost is $478 to use the same stock and have color on the outside and center fold, with mailing fees going up $95. Our current printer can print on the same stock as the BCHA newsletter, full color through out for $699. Val Johnson has the original art for the Broomtales and the State Logos and wants suggestions on what to do with it. It was suggested that they be professionally scanned and/or sent to our historian Raenette Didier.  Dottie Yerkes, Priest River, made a motion to go with our current printer, printing 3 issues per year on nicer stock in full color. Gay Hood seconded.  20 Yeas, 1 Nay, Motion PASSED. Sam Duncan made a motion to increase the budget to accommodate the cost, Dottie Yerkes seconded. Kay she needed a dollar amount to put into the budget, Rod said put in $3,000. The vote was taken, 20 Yeas, 1 Abstained, Motion PASSED.

Dues Increase – We went with a $5 dues increase on individuals and families in March and that will take affect in 2018 based on the 2017 member. So when the bills are sent to the chapters and are due in January 2018, the chapters need to increase their membership fees for 2017 and start collecting that increase.

Mileage – Its $0.32 per mile

Federal Land Transfer – Last year the lawyers for Utah presented a proposal that Idaho join them and spend $700 million to sue the Federal government to transfer the land over. That fail, but the Legislature is likely going to be reintroducing another bill this year. There are legislators and big timber who are really pushing this. The state is looking to mine the ore & harvest the timber however if there is a bad year, then the State will likely want to sell the land.  Only Foreign interests have the money to buy and once they do you can expect “No Trespassing” signs to go up. Brad Little is running for Governor and he is for this, as is Crapo, Labrador and Risch. Simpson is against it. Bob said if you go to the State Farm Bureau web site they put out a list of who is for or against this. Phil thinks we should do a letter opposing this, like we opposed mountain bikes in the wilderness. Gretel Kleint, Heartland reported that they had a speaker who said that they have already transferred land to states in the East.
            Paul McBride, Priest River, commented that the mission of the USFS is to make the land available for public use. The mission of the state is to maximize the value of the land, that goes back to $ and ¢ figures. You need to keep this in mind when you make your decision. Our mission is to keep lands open for people to ride horses on. We have to make our decision based upon what the mission of this organization is.
            Bob wanted a vote of confidence or something from this board, so that we can put a letter together that goes out to all of our membership. He asked Phil and Rod, as the Public Lands Chairs, to draft a letter to be sent to all our Legislators and County Commissioners. Phil said he’d write the letter and send it out to all the chapters for them to discuss and decide what they want to do. The State Legislature starts up again in October.
    Val Johnson, Salmon River, moved that the SBD’s from BCHI oppose the Federal Land Transfer, Wayne Nishek, Selkirk Valley, 2nd. Discussion followed. A call was made to repeat the motion that’s on the floor. The motion was restated. Karen Kimball questioned if this states that the group is sending a letter directly to our Legislatures opposing this Land Transfer, or are we going to have our chapters do it. Val stated the motion is just from this board. A roll call vote by chapter was taken with 11 Yeas 10 Nays, 2 Abstained, Motion PASSED.
 There was some confusion about the voting. Did a “No” vote mean you were against the land transfer or against a letter from the Board. Val restated that the motion is that the State Board of Directors of BCHI oppose the Federal Land Exchange. It has nothing to do with sending a letter. It is just the feeling of this Board that there not be a Federal Land Exchange. A revote resulted in 13 Yeas 8 Nays, 2 Abstained, Motion PASSED.
            According to the vote the Board just said they are opposed the Land Exchange. Phil Ryan will draft a letter to send out to chapters for them to use to talk about this issue and chapters can do as they wish. Hopefully we’ll get their information back soon and some chapter will write a resolution for the March meeting.

BCHI Insurance – Bill Conger said there is a form on the Web Site – USE IT! There are two documents, under the “Documents” tab. One is the Public Events Liability Insurance Instructions . It has a lot of information about insurance, it’s more than just an information page. The second document is the Public Events Liability Insurance Form . A public event is any event that is being sponsored by your chapter that is open to non-members, it should be listed as a public event so there is insurance to cover you in case the non-member gets injured by something done by people within the organization. If you have to fill out form with the public land manage to use the property for the type of event you’re putting on, they in all likelihood you will be asked to name that public manager as an “Additional Insured”. What this does is extend our insurance to that public entity for the time of your event, so if there is law suit it will cover them in addition to us. Generally they have special language or special requirements that they are going to ask for and it should be in the application that you are filling out. That information is needed so that the request for the certificate is done correctly. Please make your request before the day of the event. E-mail event cancelations as soon as you can. There is no charge to move an event. If you add an event after the yearly due date its $45, a certificate of Additional Insured is $20 and a parade could be about $100. These additions will be billed to your chapter. Don’t list a bunch of events unless you know you’re going to do it otherwise it raises the State’s premium. Liability is third party coverage. It covers those who may be injured by the actions of members and/or their animals, it does not cover members of BCHI. The DUE date for public event forms has been moved from Feb 1st to Feb 15th.

Director’s Policy Manual – Debbie Samovar, reported that Raenette Didier, our State Historian, went through BCHI History CD that Sharon Bruce produced and pulled out all of the Letters, Proposals, Position & Policy Statements. In addition to these documents there are sections of Miscellaneous Things that Directors Need to Know, Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws and the Directors’ Training Manual. The cost to have the binders done by a copy center was way more than budgeted, so Debbie scanned, printed and assembled them into the binders. Each chapter received a binder for each of their directors. When the directors vacate their positions, they are to pass the binder onto their successor. If a binder needs to be replaced, the minimum cost will be $15.00, depending on the going rate of the binder.

Public Lands Report – North – Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, reported that the Saw Policy info he got was from the FS where they have good relationship with. As to Right sizing trail maintenance, some of the forests are meeting with other government agencies and basically looking at right sizing the maintenance on the trails with what budget they have and then they will have public meetings.  Keep looking at SOPA’s and the Federal Register. When they rebuild a trail make sure that they do it to the standards for stock use. The state is still working on a way to get funding for non-motorized trails. So far the best plan is to get a percentage of the gas tax. BLM is looking to put mountain bike trails on the Blue Creek Bay in Coeur d’Alene, including a new parking lot and jumps and bridges and other standards for mountain bikers. (See Attachment #4)
    BCHA - There have been lots of e-mails from BCHA asking for support in the form of sending letters for such issues as: Land and Water Conservation Act which has been going for over 50 years and congress didn’t approve it in 2015 and is now trying to get it approved this year. $900 million has gone into this and it’s used for trails recreation, conservation, easements. All they want is for us to sign onto the Collation. BCHA called Phil, asking him to contact Senator Risch and Congressman Simpson for their continued support on the Land and Water Conservation Act. There are new members in the state staff and Phil will also contact them. (See Attachment #5)
The other thing that just came out is the Yosemite Wilderness Plan, deadline for comments is September 30th. BCHA feel real comfortable with this and that there will still be private stock use. The park is concerned with grazing on the high meadows and thinking of limiting the number of people in sensitive areas.  
You can find links at:
    Donation Button – Rod Parks is trying to get a Sponsorship Form (See Attachment #6) on the web site and to have a donation button on our site  (See Attachment #7). After lots of discussion, for any donations from the public to be tax deductable and to get a non-profit status for online donations, the button needs to go through the Foundation as they have the 501(c)3. BCHI is not a tax exempt organization at this time. Donations can be set up through PayPal for just a one time donation or for a monthly deduction.  Rod would like the info on our home page because people generally won’t go to the Foundation. The Foundation is going to have the set up the account as they have the proper documentation and it is their decision to do this. Do we want to have the Sponsorship Form on our site. The money from this would go into the Endowment Fund. If someone was to make a $500 donation through this form, they would expect to get a receipt for their taxes. We can’t do this as we’re not tax exempt and the Foundation can’t do this because they don’t have an Endowment Fund. Rod is going to explore this more with the Foundation and we will also take this issue up with the 501(c)3 committee. (See Attachment #7)

State Wide Work Projects – WA puts one on every year and lists it as their cause to increase donations. If we were to do this, one for the north and one for the south, people in the areas would see what we need the money for and it would help increase the donations.

Public Lands Report – South - Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, both the Owyhee Initiative and the ID Sportsman’s Alliance don’t meet in the summer. The International Mountain Bike Association in the United States is trying to pass the Senate Bill 3205, Human-Powered Travel in Wilderness Areas Act. We need to call and write our congressmen and say we can’t use chainsaws in the wilderness, but you want to use mountain bikes in the wilderness. IMBA has more clout than we do, so you need be aware and decide how you want to work that. BCHA has squashed this for now, but it will come up again.  Phil visited the Sawtooth Chapter and they have a good working relationship with the FS and when the chapter needs something done they ask for it and the FS does it. Sawtooth is quite active in the area. No meetings with TWS, BLM and BCHI due to the summer fire season. (See Attachment #8)
Idaho Horse Council – is putting together a horse coloring book with crayons to be passed out at restaurants and they’ve asked us to donate to help produces these and our logo would be on the back cover.

TWS PlanHigh Divide Project – A progress report was passed around before the meeting for review prior to discussion. Bob asked if we have anyone actively involved with this, Terry Hershey, Salmon River, is. This is a wildlife corridor from Canada through Yellowstone down to the Frank Church. (See Attachment #9)

Land Exchange Upper Lochsa – Bob reported that this is no longer an issue and has been taken care of.

Ways & Means – No Report.

Foundation Report – Karen Parks reported that there has been no change in their funds since March, there’s about $935 in the Ambassador Program, $692 in the Litehouse Grants with $500 slated for Panhandle on condition on proof of completion of their project, and $2784on the actual Foundation dollars, for a total of $4,412. Chris Reed is the President, and his info is on the BCHI web site on the contact page. It is real important that each chapter has a director at the Convention on March 10th & 11th. Portneuf River and Boise didn’t have anyone at the last meeting. The Foundation is really looking at making some changes in communications with the chapters and getting a better understanding on what the 501(c)3 can do for the chapters. The best way to do that is for the chapters to have representatives there. If the donation button goes through that could mean more avenues of help for the chapters. Rod suggested that when you have your upcoming elections make sure you elect a Foundation Director, also a State Director or Alternate can’t be a Foundation Director. In many chapters, the spouse of a State Director is the Foundation Director. It saves the chapters money in sending them to the Conventions. The Foundation is a sister organization to BCHI, they are there to assist and help out in whatever ways they can. In order for people to give a donation you need to have a 501(c)3 designation but by having a representative it will help you when something needs to come through them. If the donation goes to the Foundation, they take a 5% administrative fee, but then there are no questions, they have the records.

Legal Fund – At the March SBD meeting a motion was made that starting in 2017 that 50% of the net profit from the calendar sales be put into the legal fund. Kay gave an estimate that based on the income from the 2016 calendars at $37.540.00, the expenses at (-$13,856.49), leaving $23,683.51. After we give out (-$11,500) in awards in December, we’ll a net profit of $12,183.51. 50% of that would be $6,091.76, which would go into the Legal Fund. The other $6,091.76 would go into the BCHI operating budget. Does this cover our bills? Not sure, that’s why we’re starting this in 2017.

Bob has some issues with the way this organization is going and discussed the following items:

    Possible 3rd Directors Meeting –We’re having two meetings a year and he thinks we lose a lot of information that needs to be out before than.  Directors come to the meetings, go home and forget about everything until the next meeting and he suggested that we have a third meeting.
    501(c)3 – We have a committee working on this.
    National Directors – Maybe we need to go to a four year term, as there is a concern over the loss of information.
    National Saw Policy – We’ve got things going on this with Marybeth Conger stepping up and organizing it.
    Statewide Work Project – Maybe we could grab onto this with Marybeth’s work with the Idaho Youth Ranch. It could be something that all the chapters can get involved in.
    Director’s Training – The training manual is a great idea, but we have enough new people come on board that we need to do more than just this. WA has a training day, generally in January after the chapters have had their elections. It’s an Officer’s Training for all elected officers at the chapter level. So they have a section for Presidents, V.P.’s, Secretaries, Treasurers and Directors. There are trainings set up for them to help these people understand what is expected of them for that type of job, within the Back Country Horsemen chapters. We need to have someone to take this issue on and come up with some ideas on how to do this. It was suggested that we combine a Directors meeting, Officer training and a statewide work project.
    We need to toot our own horn more – we need to get more letters and photos out to newspapers
    Calendars – We still have about 175 of the 2016 calendars leftover. Do we want to continue doing the calendars? If not, what are the alternatives. We continue to bring the costs and the print run down and the chapters continue to take fewer quantities. A chapter by chapter poll of what they think and what they do was taken. Most chapters are in agreement with continuing the program. One chapter took the highest profit ever made and divided it by 16 chapters, which came out to $985 and decided in lieu selling calendars, give the State $1000. If every chapter did that we’d have more money, plus wouldn’t have to sell anything.  One chapter, after being informed that the profit from the calendars is what pays the State’s bill, including the FREE Public Event Liability Insurance, they felt guilty and sent money for 2016 and took 2017 calendars to sell – they said GUILT is GOOD! Everyone should BUY ONE – SELL ONE. Give as Gifts to your friends and family. How do we get the chapters to support the state? Rod Parks and Kay Ryan will draft a proposal on what the dues increase would be if we didn’t have the calendar program.
    Call for Photos – It was commented that most of the photos for the 2017 calendar were from one person. That was because they were basically the only person sending in photos. Photos must have been shot in Idaho. The requirements and information sheet will be sent out to the chapters. (See Attachment #10)
    Volunteer Hours – Our numbers for the past couple of years have been low. Bob wanted to see how the chapters are doing thus far and went by chapters and got their hours to date. The final hours need to be to Brandon by January 1st. If you are having trouble with filling out your paperwork, Karen Kimball will help you.

Meeting adjourned at 4: 38


Respectfully Submitted, Debbie Samovar, Secretary, 208-245-3041,

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2016 BCHI State Board of Directors Meeting
March 11, 2016 Minutes
Hosted by Priest River BCH in Priest River, Idaho

The March 11, 2016 BCHI State Board of Directors (SBD) meeting was called to order at 8:07 by State Chairperson Bob Savage in Priest River, ID, with the Pledge of Allegiance.

State Secretary, Debbie Samovar conducted the Roll Call of State Directors present. All chapters were present except Cache Peak and Sawtooth. Minutes from the last Directors Meeting of September 2015 were read. There was discussion on the dues increase and if passed at the Annual meeting would not take affect until 2017. As the minutes were recorded correctly, Steve Didier said we needed to add to the minutes, “The dues increase is due and payable Jan 2018 if passed at the Annual Business Meeting on March 11, 2016.”  Steve Didier, North Central made a motion to accept the minutes with addition, Jerry Reese, Priest River, seconded, Motion PASSED.

State Treasurer, Kay Ryan reported that for the period September 1, 2015 through February 29, 2016 we started with $68,133.44. We took in this period $20,454.00; we spent this period ($27,307.63), and now have $61.279.91 in total assets, with $4,024.83 in a money market account, $7,255.08 in checking and $50,000.00 in CD’s. All the chapters have paid their membership dues and we have paid our dues to BCHA. We earned $19.00 in interest for the period, for $52.33 for the year. We invested $50,000 per the Ad Hoc committee’s recommendation, they are FDIC insured and we only get penalties on any amounts we withdraw early. Kay Ryan and Brandon Breaux are the co-signers. We paid $2,471.00 for insurance for 2015. The Lottery Report was sent in and we didn’t get anything back saying we did something wrong. Calendar program was a success. The discount for Cabela’s went from 12% to 10% and they have been bought up by Bass Pro. We got our new Lottery License.
            We received a letter from BCHA that we are no longer covered under their 501(c) 4 status as they upgraded to 501(c) 3 to be able to give tax receipts. The Foundation is a 501(c) 3 and Karen Parks thinks that as a sister organization, we are covered under them and will research it. Kay has talked to several IRS people. First question was if she could legally speak for the organization in a court of law. Per our By-Laws only the Chairperson can speak for us. If our gross income is over $20,000 we could be subject to Federal tax, while the 990 form we used to file under says if we make under $50,000 we are a small tax except organization.  She got forms from the IRS to fill out for a 501 (c) 4 designation and they ask what would happen if we dissolve. We are incorporated so we fall under those guidelines. It would cost $850 for the state to file for 501(c) 4 and $3,000 to include all the chapters.
            This is the last year on our Officers’ bond it will be renewed for another three years. Do we want to continue to pay 32¢ per mile? It was asked if the $5 dues increase would go to BCHA, no it stays with the state. Currently we only keep $7 per family, with the dues increase that would be $17 that goes into the BCHI coffers. We have the Fiduciary responsibility to pay for five items; they are the BCHA dues, our PO Box, BCHI website maintenance and Broomtales. That is what we currently can pay for from the membership dues. The fifth item is insurance. With the $5 dues increase we would be able to pay for the insurance.
            Steve Didier addressed the IRS issue of State Dissolution, state laws do not address any funds remaining in the treasury. Laws of Incorporation require a filing fee and a form be filled out and sent to the Secretary of State and that we fall under title 30 of State law. Our By-Laws do not address want happens to any remaining funds in our treasury, we would have to amend them to address that issue.  Currently it is up to the SBD to decide where the money would go if we were to dissolve.
            We are technically no longer a tax exempt organization. Kay asked that someone with IRS or other financial experience to take this project on.
            Proposed Budget, it was requested that the State pay for the Digital Recorder for the State secretary, Jerry Reese, Selkirk Valley so moved, Sam Duncan, Palouse, 2nd, Motion PASSED. Joe Brinkman, Eagle Rock, made a motion to increase Education from $100 to $1,000, Sam Duncan, Palouse, 2nd, 26 Yea’s, 1 Nay. Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, made a motion to accept the Proposed Budget, Floyd Miller, High Desert, 2nd, Motion PASSED.

Annual Financial Review - Gretel Kleint and Raenette Didier volunteered.

New Directors Training –Karen Kimball, Panhandle, asked everyone to turn to page 8 – Vice Chair’s Duties.
Collects Year End Chapter Summary Reports, produces the BCHI Year End Report and forwards to BCHA. Both the Volunteer Hours and the Year End Report have to be turned in together. On page 10, box at top of page, Directors are to: Ensure chapter is tracking volunteer hours and Ensure chapter compiles a Year-End-Report. Include speakers, clinics, presentations to other organizations, training, etc. It is your job, as a State Director, to go back to your chapter to see to it that someone in your chapter does them. Suggested that your chapter VP do the reports and do in the fall to have them turned into the State before Jan15th. Share your Volunteer Reports with the FS in your area so they can get more work and funding. Include the number of logs you cut out. Squaw Butte’s website has an app that everyone can enter their info into and it adds it all up. Rob Adams created it and all chapters can download it.
            It is also the responsibility of the Directors to take the information they receive at these meetings or e-mails from the State Secretary and pass it onto your membership.
            Steve Didier said that we take a lot of time bringing new Directors up to speed and that Raenette Didier, as the State Historian is going through and gathering up all the important past resolutions and stances on issues, that the Board has made over the years and that we make a Directors Manuals. Steve Didier proposed that we make new loose leaf binders and hand them out to the new Directors, the Chairperson and Secretary, at a cost up to $350, Jerry Reese 2nd, Motion PASSED. Should be available at the next SBD meeting if we don’t have a big fire season.

Changes on the Bond – Kay Ryan reported that this is for the bonding of Officers and she was able to get a 3-year bond for about $1,100. The current bond will be expiring soon and she needs to know if we want to renew it and include it in the proposed budget. Karen Kimball, Panhandle, made a motion we renew the bond, Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, 2nd, Motion PASSED.

National Directors’ Reimbursement - Raenette Didier presented the following proposal:
This is what BCHI will reimburse to the National Director only and does not cover the spouse.
-cost of air fare, or mileage at designated BCHI reimbursement rates, as long as that mileage does not exceed the cost of a single air fare. Mileage from home, to the airport and back, will be covered.
-National Board meeting costs on the BCHA Registration Form, for National Directors only.
-Hotel rates, for the National Board location only, not to exceed special rates provided by BCHA.
-No rental car costs allowed. Airport or vendor transport to and from the airport to the National Meeting site will be reimbursed, with a receipt.
-A per diem rate of $40.00 per day is authorized for each day attending the BCHA Meeting plus one travel day to the meeting and one travel day returning. Meals covered by the Registration fee will be deducted from the per diem rate.
Per Diem breakdown: B=$10, L=$10, D=$20
Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, made a motion to accept the policy as written, Gay Hood, 2nd, Motion PASSED.
Kay Ryan asked if we were going to continue with 32¢/ mile rate. There were no comments to change the rate, so it stays the same.

Donation Button –Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, e-mailed information to the Directors regarding the issue of posting a form to the web site for donations has been asked several times, which included an Action Item and History of the Endowment Fund, along with a draft of the Donation Form. These items need to be reviewed and voted upon, before posting to the web site. Additionally, there is info in reference to using Pay-pal to get donations online. Cost is 2.2% of the donation amount plus a 30¢ transaction fee. After discussion it was determined that there were two issues: the donation button, which should be passed to the Foundation to pursue and the online membership form that Rod should schedule for the Sept SBD meeting. (See Attachment #1)
Education Chair Report - Bill Conger, Squaw Butte, reported for Marybeth. 16 out of 16 chapters now have a Chapter Education Chair (CEC). Using the BCHI Education Chair Job Description a job description has been developed for the CEC’s. Both descriptions are on the website. She is meeting with the two new chapters to discuss the role and importance of Education. Working with all CEC’s to compile/update list of mentors. With the help of Rob Adams, the Educational Materials on the website have been updated. Robbin Schindele will create an ATV (What the horse sees) poster. Looking for volunteers to work on video slide show. Bob Savage asked Marybeth to research the Idaho Youth Ranch (IYR) who is developing a 170+ acre complex in the Middleton area. We should add a budget line item for BCHI Education.
            Karen Kimball called Nine Mile for Master LNT Training course. No schedule at this time and the cost would be about $700 for the week. Chapters are encouraged to have Master LNT Trainers and check into getting funding from the Education budget, a grant from the Foundation or possibly seeing if your local FS could pick-up some of the training. Please pass this information onto your chapters Education Chair. Just as a point of correction, the CEC has nothing to do with this Board. Brandon Breaux, our Vice Chair, is running the IYR Equine Program. IYR wants to speak at the chapters in the area.

Long Range Financial Strategy – Raenette Didier, North Central, due to the resolutions that came out at the last Annual Meeting regarding the funds sitting in the State’s Treasury and it wasn’t specifically noted as to what we were doing with that money, The Ad Hoc committee started the process last year based on what the Directors at the Sept meeting had indentified as budgetary requirements. If we stop selling the calendars we can’t pay our bills at the State level. That is where the proposal to set aside $45, 000 ($15,000/yr) for 3 yrs for operating budget. So that money is gone out of the $68,000 we had from last year. As there wasn’t enough time to go over all the things that directors thought we should cover, Bob Savage, Chairman, instructed the directors to submit their proposals to Brandon Breaux. Vice-Chairman, by Nov 15th. Rod Parks, Twin Rivers and Raenette Didier were the only ones who sent in proposals. The first priority is to take the “extra money” from the calendars and put a % into the Legal Fund. Rod proposed 25-50 %, which would give $500, Raenette proposed $10,000 a year for the next 5-6 years. The second priority is the Education Fund. Not only do we need to educate the public, but we need to educate within our own organization.  Rod proposed holding an Annual Directors and Chapter Officer Training like WA does, before or after the convention. He also proposed subsidizing the cost of Directors to attend a SBD meeting if they have to drive over 100 miles, suggesting $50 per chapter that would equal $800 for each meeting.
            Kay asked to have $20,000-$25,000 upfront to pay for all the bills and the calendar, maybe we should wait a year to catch up with the new budget before putting $10,000 into the Legal Fund. Steve Didier has worked with the BCHA attorney and if we want to take any legal action, our target is a minimum of $75,000 in the bank. Sam Duncan, Palouse, wanted to propose that 20% of that bottom $68.000 be divided up among the 16 chapters, $900 each, to be used to fulfill our mission statement. Raenette Didier made a motion that in Sept we look at putting $5,000 - $10,000 annually into the Legal Fund and continue to look into ways to use our excess, Karen Kimball, Panhandle, 2nd. 0 Yea’s 71 Nay’s, Motion FAILED. Raenette made a new motion that beginning in 2017 we set aside 50% of the net profits from the calendar sales to the Legal Fund, Arleen MacKinnon 2nd, 70 Yea’s and 1 Nay, Motion PASSED.

BCHI Insurance – Bill Conger reported we renewed our insurance and it was up $800 over last year. The SBD made a decision that the Public events requested by a chapter by Feb 1st would be included on the renewal quote and the state would pay for that. Changes, additional events, additional insured endorsement, etc. would be paid by the chapter. Whoever in your chapter is requesting coverage, please read the instructions online and call if you have any questions. Fill out the form; provide all the information as that is what the insurance company will use to determine our rate. Our insurance is 3rd party liability coverage. The three parties are the insurance company, the insured body; in this case us and the unknown person. If the unknown person gets kicked at a public event and sues you, this is what this liability insurance is for. For those repeat events where chapters have the same 5-7 none members ride with them. Make them members. Don’t take up one of the slots that we have included in our policy. For the amount we pay for the insurance, we should be paying for big events such as clinics, big rides, etc.

Calendars – Debbie Samovar, Panhandle, reported that at the last SBD meeting Rod Parks, Twin Rivers, made a motion that we only get 1900 calendars provide they don’t cost more than what we paid for the current calendars. Got bids from the printer. We paid $7,708 for 2,000, if we were to do 2,000 again this year it would be $8,214, 1,900 per the motion would be $7,993, if we do 1,800 it would be $7,772. The printer suggested that we cut our calendar size to 11.5x11.5, that way the calendar can be machine assembled and stapled. Right now they are being done by hand. The designer ‘s fee for the reduced size would remain the same. By reducing the size, 1,900 calendars would cost $7,398. If we were to get 1,800 calendars and pay for only 5% overage, we would get 1,890 calendars; the cost for 1,800 calendars would be $7.234. If we send our photos to the designer now and get the calendar to the printer at the same time WA sends their calendar, the cost would be $6,587. For 2016 we received 2,100 calendars with a commitment for 1,852. An additional 31 calendars were taken for a total of 1,883. Jerry Reese, Selkirk Valley, made a motion that we request a final bid from the printer for 1,800 calendars with 5% overage at the reduced size, with our files to them by May 1st, Gay Hood 2nd, Motion PASSED
            We can give out merchandise ONLY gift cards per the State Lottery Commission. Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, looked into selling our photos to stock photo houses. Average pay is about 25¢, a lot of work and may only generate $100/yr. Still going to add copy right on back cover. We should mail a calendar to Cabela’s and add them to the Broomtales mailing.  With the new calendar printing quantity and costs, the Proposed Budget expected income will be $37,660 and expenses will be $21,500.
            Chapter roll call was taken for the number of 2017 calendars each chapter is going to take:
Boise – 40               Cache Peak – 0               Eagle Rock – 20        Heartland – 80           High Desert – 100
North Central – 200    Palouse – 0                  Panhandle – 150         Portneuf River – 0      Priest River – 80        
Salmon River – 50      Sawtooth – 0                Selkirk Valley – 25     Squaw Butte – 225     Treasure Valley – 175
Twin Rivers – 350      
GRAND TOTAL COMMENTMENT - 1,495   Leaving 395 calendars, equaling $7,900 in lost income.
            It is against the law to sell in a Federal building. Calendars no longer qualify as media mail; suggest calling them children’s books.

Broomtales Report – Debbie Samovar, Panhandle, reported that articles for the next issue are due May 25th. We currently print 1,000 and have 266 overs that are divided up among the chapters and mailed to their PO Box. With the last issue I had the printer only print 800, giving 113 overs that were mailed to the chapters, giving us a savings of $45.20. Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, will have names from the Outfitters Guides that we can mail the overs to.

National Directors’ Reports - Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, reported that BCHA is now up to 32 states, coast to coast. BCHA has bought a full page, 4 color ad, in a special edition of the May 9th USA Today, 2016 Salute to National Parks Centennial Commemorative Issue. USA Today in addition to the issues they mail out, they expect to sell over 500,000 copies that will be on newsstands for 2.5 months and expect 10 million downloads. The cost of the ad normally would be $29,000, as BCHA is a 501 (c) 3, our cost will be $10,000. This issue will be on the desk of every superintendant of the 59 Scenic National Parks and the 500 units in the park system, John Jarvis, Director of National Parks Service, Sally Jewell, Secretary of Interior and the White House. BCHA is asking for donations from all the states to help pay for this ad. The national dues pay for staff and we are too small to get sponsors. Karen Kimball, Panhandle, made a motion to donate $400, Sam Duncan, Palouse, 2nd, Motion PASSED. (See Attachment #2)

TWS Plan – Terry Hershey, Salmon River, provided some background information on The Wilderness Society’s (TWS) High Divide project they are currently involved in. Connecting landscapes in separate Wildernesses areas in Idaho with the Yellowstone eco system. This covers the Sawtooth, Caribou-Targhee and the Salmon Challis Forests.
Randy Rasmussen would like the chapters who are participating in equine recreation on the Salmon Challis, to partner with TWS, in providing comment to the Forest Plan Revision process. This has been around since 2002, known as the Heart of the Rockies Initiative that has formed a collaborative to create wildlife corridors and get grants to purchase lands. Steve Didier, North Central, said we need to find a way to get onto this collaborative to ensure that we get stock use in this area. First of all, we need more information from Randy; secondly, we need to have more information on where our two missions overlap in this effort and thirdly, it makes no difference how much Federal money they get if it affects our mission and ability to recreate on public lands. This could be a huge issue for us.

Public Lands Report – North – Billie Havens, Twin Rivers, reported for Rod Parks. Need to check your quarterly   SOPA’s April,
            Check the Federal Register for FS, BLM and NPS a couple of times a month. Links for each can be found on the BCHI website’s Issue page. If you don’t comment, then no appeals can be done.
            RAC deadlines for 2016 grants have passed. Check in fall for 2017 deadlines at
            BLM is involved in Travel Management Plans across the country with national strategies for ORV use and mountain bike use. Get engaged in BLM travel plans to the extent there are horseback riding opportunities you want to maintain, protect or build in your area. It is important to make sure roads you know in your area are listed on maps for the TMP as after the plan is finalized, only routes on the maps will be open for use.
            Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail, their 2nd meeting will take place May 4-5 in Port Townsend, WA. There are concerns with Grizzly Bear and Caribou habitat and trail location. Sandy Geaslin, Selkirk Valley and Bob Savage, Priest River are working with Jim Michaud on a new trail in.
            Land Exchange, Joe Robinson, President, BCH of North Central Idaho sent a letter to Senator Jim Risch opposing the land exchange for the Upper Lochsa. Sam Duncan, Palouse, called all the Federal representatives that they find a way under the new legislation that just passed to get money for the FS to buy that timber company’s land outright. Lochsa is located on the Lolo trail near Powell, where Lewis & Clark came through and camped. The issue with this is that it is part of the historical Lewis & Clark trail.

Public Lands Report – South - Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte, attended a Region 4 FS listening session where Chuck Mark, Forest Supervisor of the Salmon Challis NF responded to citizens’ comments, agreed with what was said, but responded there would be no drastic changes in policy, manpower or funding. Cindy Walker and Bill Clementz were also there.
            Owyhee Initiative, no issues this year on recreational stock use or accesses. Still working on water rights issues.
            Wilderness Working Group has reconvened, as work efforts by Region 1 and 4 haven’t gotten anything done. WWG is hoping to get a grad student from IU to create a database to keep track the work. Then have each of the 70 Outfitter groups take in one volunteer crew to clear their trails.
            Non-motorized Trail Conference, ID Parks & Rec, held conference in Boise to address possible ways to generate revenue for non-motorized trails. The new director said we’ve got to put an emphasis on non-motorized trails. The two main ways would be an individual could volunteer to check a box donating funds for non-motorized trails when renewing their license plates; or the Legislature could take a portion of the state gas tax specifically for non-motorized trails, as everyone has to drive to the trail heads. Anyway it is done; it would have to be legislated by the Idaho Legislature. Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, reported that starting next year there will be a voluntary donation box on your State Income Tax forms so you’ll be able to check that box. (See Attachment #3)
            The Southwestern Sportsman’s Show BCHI had a booth at the four-day event in Boise. It drew over 100,000 people.  The booth was next to the Boise NF booth and we were able to connect with them and show people the efforts BCHI is making towards trail maintenance here in Idaho.  Also sold calendars.
            Idaho Sportsman’s Alliance used to be called The Idaho Sportsman’s Caucus Advisory Council (ISCAC). A change in the by-laws has made it so individuals and corporations can belong. We are the only horse group.
            Idaho Outfitters and Guides Association, BCHI can become an associate member of IOGA for $25.00 a year.  Thought it would be a good idea if their members received Broomtales. The more we know about each other and communicate, the better things can be for the trails in the forests. Steve Didier, North Central, is a member of the ID Aviation Association and they are very active in maintaining back country airstrips. Thought it might be a good idea for us to partner with them when a chapter has a trail head project near an airstrip. Phil will check into it.
                Little Jacks Creek Trailhead, BCHI, BCHA, and The Wilderness Society have met with the Boise District of the BLM to discuss the development of a non-motorized equestrian trail head at Little Jacks Creek on the north side of the Owyhee Wilderness in Owyhee County.  The land has been purchased by the BLM with the intent of making hiking and equestrian trails into the wilderness on Shu-Fly Creek.  This is a major effort on the part of BCHA, TWS and BLM to cooperate in recreation for the wilderness. 
            LAND FOR SALE!!!!!!!
            On March 1st the Idaho State Legislature was presented a proposal from a Louisiana Law firm to have the tax payers of Idaho and Utah spent $7,000,000 of each state’s tax dollars to jointly sue the federal government to get control of federal lands in Idaho and Utah.  There are citizens and legislators who are very much in favor of this idea. We even have an individual running for the presidency who has already said that he will advocate getting public lands to the state.
            This should scare the hell out of all of us who recreate on public lands.  Do you really think that we can trust our elected officials here in Idaho to manage our public lands?  It takes the federal government $100,000,000 each year to manage public lands here in Idaho.  Where is the state going to get that money each year?  BY SELLING THE TIMBER, THE MINERALS, AND THEN THE LAND.  It will not go to the general public to buy large land parcels but foreign or multinational corporations and billionaires who can afford it.  Then the “NO TRESPASSING” signs will go up and we will be left out.
            BCHA and BCHI have sent letters to Idaho’s governor and our federal legislators opposing any sale of public lands or the transfer of those lands to the state.  I don’t care if you are a Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or Independent, we as users of the land must not let anyone sell our public lands.
            The Governor, Lt. Governor and three of our national legislators are agreeing on this and want to get a hold of this land. What the Louisiana Law firm didn’t know is that in the ID State Constitution, Article 21, Section 12, if the Federal government relinquishes land back to the State, it goes to the Native American Tribes.
            Attached is the list of Bills in the 2016 Idaho Legislative Session. (See Attachment #4)

Idaho Horse Council – Raenette Didier, North Central, reported that Marybeth Conger & Phil Ryan, of the Squaw Butte Chapter are now Directors, putting 7 BCHI votes on the IHC Board. Would like to get members from the Boise and Treasure Valley chapters on the board.  The Idaho Horse Board Grants (which is separate from the IHC), is comprised of 7 members who are appointed by the Governor. Funding for this program comes from a fee attached to brand inspections for horses. Portneuf River BCH received a $775 grant for advertising. Palouse BCH received a $962 grant for chainsaws. Requests must be received by December 1st, & funds are awarded in January of each year.
The New Historic Racing legislation argument has gone away with a proposed new Gaming Commission that will be in charge of the Idaho Lottery, Bingo & Casinos. This legislation would provide monies for investing in the future of equines in Idaho, (such as 4H groups, FFA, IHC & to the 8 fairgrounds for capital improvements). BCH members can show support for this Bill.
            There is a proposed rewrite for the Animal Cruelty Legislation that BCHI proposed in the late 1990's. They wanted to better define torture as acts that intentionally and malicious cause an animal to suffer or feel prolonged pain. However, it would not apply to actions of neglecting animals. There is a stand alone line that states “Further more Animal Cruelty would no longer apply to animals killed or wounded by being over worked”. Raenette asked the IHB to have their lobbyist look into this. Only the county sheriffs can seize abused animals.
            The 2016 Idaho Horse Expo is April 15-17 at the Ford Idaho Horse Park in Nampa. Flyers were passed out for chapter members to post at local businesses in their areas.

Ways & Means – No Report.

Proposed Budget Adjustment – Kay Ryan reported that she forgot to include the 10% back to the chapters on the calendar program, so you will need to adjust that figure to ($22,000).

Elections/Sept SBD Meeting   – Karen Kimball, Panhandle, called the officers to see if they would stay, Bob, Brandon, Debbie and Kay said they’d do another year. Robbin said he’d do another 2-year term as BCHA National Director, Phil agreed to be the Alternate Nat Dir, a one-year term. There were no nominations from the floor. Steve Didier, North Central made a motion to cast a unanimous ballot for the existing slate of offices and directors, Phil Ryan 2nd, Motion PASSED.
            2016-2017 Officers
            Otto “Bob” Savage – Chairperson                              Brandon Breaux – Vice Chairperson
            Kay Ryan – Treasurer                                                 Debbie Samovar – Secretary
            Robbin Schindele – BCHA National Director           Cindy Walker – BCHI National Director
            (2-year term)                                                               (last year of 2-year term)
            Phil Ryan – Alt BCHA National Director

Support Letters – Bob Savage, Chairman, said he gets requests for support letters for places he has no idea where they’re from. Would prefer that local chapters write the letters and send to him for signature.

BCHI Websites – Bob gets lots of calls from people asking how to contact chapters that don’t have a websites or their chapter information is incorrect. Those chapters that don’t have a website you need to get one up. Directors, you make sure you get your chapter’s information to Rod or Debbie for posting on our site. It’s important that people get the correct info the first time they go to our website.

2017 Convention – Boise will host the 2017 SBD Meeting and Convention on March 10th & 11th. Details to come.

BCHA got a list of people from a Las Vegas event and passed them on to Bob. He thought he sent it onto the chapters but hadn’t. Debbie will scan and send out. Bob asked that the chapters follow up and contact these folks.

Sept SBD Meeting – Twin Rivers will host the SBD Meeting on Saturday, Sept 17th. Details to come.

Foundation Report –  Chris Reed reported that they appointed officers: Chris Reed, Palouse, is the President, Dale Schrempp, Priest River, is the Vice President and Alice Millington is the Secretary/Treasure. They will be looking over their By-Laws, particularly on applying and awarding grants. Received a request from Panhandle for preapproval of $500 for a fire ring at Red Ives, which was approved. Working on getting all this information out and coordinating “How to Contact and Work with the Foundation”. Setting up e-mail system with all the chapter presidents and foundation directors. There’s about $900 in the Ambassador Program, $400 in the Litehouse Grants and $2800 in the actual Foundation dollars. Ambassador Program is for education and like. Dale Schrempp will be contacting Litehouse to see if they want to renew the grants and extend it to the southern chapters.

Sawtooth – Contacted Bob about a month ago wanting to dissolve. Through conversations they have decided to continue on, but are having a hard time. They don’t have many members. It was suggested that they partner up with Twin Falls. Bob is going to go down and see what help he can give.

Adjourn – Motion made, seconded, adjourned at 4:23.

Respectfully Submitted, Debbie Samovar, Secretary, 208-245-3041,    


2016 BCHI State Convention Annual Business Meeting
March 12, 2016, Hosted by Priest River Valley BCH in Priest River, ID

State Chairperson, Bob Savage called the BCHI business portion of the Convention to order at 8:30. Passing the mic to Priest River President Jim Mateer, who introduced the English Family Color Guard from the Priest River V.F.W. State Secretary, Debbie Samovar, took a roll call of the chapters. The chapter's voting delegates were also declared.  All chapters were present with the exception of Cache Peak and Sawtooth. Minutes from the 2015 Annual Business Meeting were read. Terry Hershey, Salmon River, made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Sam Duncan 2nd, motion PASSED.

State Treasurer, Kay Ryan gave the BCHI Finance Report.  The balance at the end of April 2015 was $64,465.48. We had an income of $45,917.37, expenses were ($49,102.94) leaving a balance of $61,279.91 at the end of February 2016. Per the Financial Ad Hoc Committee, we took $45,000.00 of our funds plus $5,000.00 from the Legal & Endowment Fund and invested it into 2 CD’s, $15,000.00 for 2 years and $35,000.00 for 5 years. We still have $372.52 left in the Money Market account and with the CD’s we have $50,372.72 in dedicated funds set aside. This leaves $10,907.39 in available funds for activities.  Annual dues to BCHA have been paid. Still collecting money for the 2015 calendars. After paying expenses and prizes we made $13,302.90. For all the years we’ve sold calendars we have made $93,820.30. 6 chapters still need to pay for their calendars: Cache Peak, Heartland, Portneuf River, Selkirk Valley, Squaw Butte and Twin Rivers. If they pay today, they’ll get their 10% rebate.
We lost our ID State Taxes License this year due to inactivity. The calendars are raffle tickets so no sales tax. BCHA received their 501 (c) 3, thus we lost our 501 (c) 4 designation and are no longer tax exempt. Arleen MacKinnon, Priest River, made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Bill Conger 2nd, motion PASSED.

Annual Financial Review - Gretel Kleint, Heartland, and Raenette Didier, North Central, reviewed the books and said they were in great shape and signed off on them.

Dues Increase - Kay Ryan, Treasurer, reported that we charge the chapters $15for a single and $25 for a family. Of that, $15 of the single membership dues, along with $18 of the $25 family memberships goes to National. So we have only been making $7 from our family dues and this is one of our revenue sources. The SBD at the September 2015 passed a proposal to increase the dues by $5 for single and family memberships. This means that the chapters would be paying the state $20 for a single and $30 for a family membership. The dues that we pay to BCHA would remain the same, thus the $5 increase would remain with us, resulting in $17 revenue from memberships. The actual approval must come from the delegates. Per our By-Laws, this would not become effective until the end of 2017 and will be reflected on the bills due in January 2018. So the bills being sent out at the end of this year will still say $15 for singles and $25 for families. Sam Duncan, Palouse, made a motion that we accept the dues increase as stated, Terry Steiner, Priest River, 2nd. This is a roll call vote requiring 2/3rds of the attending delegates approval to pass. 55 Yea’s, 6 Nay’s, motion PASSED.

Convention Recognition – Jim Mateer, President, Priest River, thanked all the volunteers from the chapter who worked hard on putting everything together. Debbie Prater, Ida Mateer and Chris Crossingham for handling all the food and that all of the pastries were hand made. Dottie Yerkes and Mary Schrempp for the centerpieces, table decorations and the room layout. Dale Schrempp for going around to all the merchants for donations and doing the pick-ups. Louise McBride for Photo Contest. Paul McBride for building “The Jail”. Arlene McKinnon and Debbie Prater for registration. Dave Gruber, past President, for arranging lodging, members who put attendees up.

Chapter and Member Recognition – Steve Didier, North Central, introduced chapters and members in long standing. 1985 – March, first recorded meeting of BCHI, member present was Shirley DeCora, Salmon River.
1986 – March, first BCHI Convention in Libby MT, present were Shirley DeCora, Salmon River and Jim and Karen Kimball, Panhandle.
Salmon and Panhandle were the first two original chapters in BCHI.
May, formation of Priest River, North ID and Heartland chapters and the state newsletter. Present were Paul and Gretel Klient, Heartland.
June, first State Directors meeting was held in Grangeville. Present were Panhandle, Priest River, Val Johnson, Salmon River and Steve Didier from the newly formed North Central.

December – second State Directors meeting was held in Grangeville. Present were Salmon River, Panhandle, North Central and Heartland.
1987 – March, second BCHI Convention in Coeur d’Alene,
Long standing members from Priest River, Bob and Marybeth Lynch, Tom and Barbara Mosher, Greg and Judy Jones, Larry and Bonnie Rykers, Rick Stauffer, Tom and Brenda Walton, Don and Pattie Shields, Gene England and Bonnie Shields.

In Memorial – Celeste Bingham, Salmon River, spoke about long time president Bill Clementz who passed in January. He discovered horses at the age of 45, after that there was not turning back. He was soft spoke, but if you didn’t show up when you said you would, he would speak up loudly asking why you weren’t there. The Salmon River Chapter Display is dedicated to Bill with lots of photos. Then there was a moment of silence in his memory.

Foundation Report – Chris Reed, Palouse. In a blindsides moment, we all sang Happy Birthday, as it was Chris’ birthday. Chris had been appointed President, Alice Millington is the Secretary/Treasurer and Dale Schrempp is the VP.  They’ll be looking over their By-Laws, particularly on applying and awarding of grants, communicating with chapters and creating ways to generate revenue. Panhandle has been preapproved for a $500 grant to for trail head fire ring.
Alice Millington, Heartland, reported they started the year with $4,662.38, paid out ($250) to Panhandle for work at Farragut Park, leaving their accounts with:
Ambassador Program Fund $935.74
Litehouse Trailhead Maintenance Fund $692.45
Foundation Fund $2,784.19
Total Funds $4,412.38

Public Lands – Phil Ryan, Squaw Butte recapped his report from Saturday, covering work crews for the Selway-Bitterroot Frank Church Wilderness, we can become members of the Outfitters Guides for $25/year, the first non-motorized trail head in the Owyhee Wilderness and the efforts of a Utah group wanting Idaho to spend $7,000,000 to sue the Federal government to return public lands to the states, of which it currently costs $100,000,00 to manage the lands in our state. See full report in the SBD minutes at www.
There was a question about the reversion of the lands back to the tribes. The State constitution says that if any Federal lands were to be sold it would go back to the Native Tribes. The Shoshone Paiute are the only aboriginal Nation in the West that did not give up their aboriginal rights to the land. So the State can’t really sell it.

National Director’s Report – Robbin Schindele, Squaw Butte, talked about the full page ad that BCHA will have in the USA Today’s Centennial National Parks Issue. Idaho was the 2nd state in BCHA. They now have 32 states forming a coast to coast corridor. See full report in the SBD minutes at www.

“Come Join Us” Video – Steve Didier, North Central, showed a video that the Montana BCH made in 2006. Which they gave to us for us to change for our own use. Do we want to use this for chapter growth or to inform outsiders – Both. Robbin Schindele said it would be easier to start from scratch, keeping the message from Montana. He’ll have a demo for the September SBD meeting.

Education Chair Report – Bill Conger, Squaw Butte, recapped what he reported at the Saturday meeting. Covering job description, visits to new chapters, help with any events state wide. Lots of info on the website. There is a new ATV poster to com. Plus she will be working with the Idaho Youth Ranch and their new 170-acre ranch. See full report in the SBD minutes at www.

Insurance – Bill Conger, Squaw Butte, contact him with any changes. There is no charge to move an event and new events will cost the chapter $45 and if you add a “Named Insured” it’s $20 if not listed on the original request.

Elections – Karen Kimball, Panhandle, called the officers to see if they would stay on for another year. All said yes.

Adjourned at 11:15  

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