First Aid & CPR refresher

April 2, 2022

First Aid & CPR Refresher - Saturday April 2, 2022 (Educational Event)
Scott Morgan EMT-B Certification, BLS/CPR Instructor, and Advanced Cardiac Lifesaver and
Cheryl Bice  BSN, RN, CCRN, CFRN, NREMT Air Saint Lukes Flight Nurse will be leading this training.
A hands on refresher to get us ready for the upcoming season.
CPR & First Aid Cards available after successful completion of the course.
Needed for Sawyer Training!  Pictures:  2015     2018
Class starts at 08:00 - 16:00, Coffee, Tea, and donuts will be available.
Location:  Adams porch classroom, 10150 Wild Horse Circle, Horseshoe Bend, ID 83629
Limited class size - 6 Students can get cards, so sign up to reserve your spot!
There is space to attend the class and refresh your first aid knowledge, but not get a new card.
Contact: Scott Morgan  208-989-0632

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